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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm so pumped!

Remember I said I was supposed to run 3 miles on Monday but I only ran 2? (too many things going on in my brain).  Well ... I ran 3.1 miles today!  A full 5K! 

Woo hoo!

It was seriously hard!  But my friend Laura ran with me which really helped a lot.  (Thanks again Laura!)  Even though we can't talk to each other while we are running, because I can't breathe (I think that's her reason also), it was still great having someone to run with.

I'm so excited to know that I can actually do this!

I'm filling out the paper for the 5K race in May this afternoon!  I hadn't filled it out yet ... I wanted to make sure I could actually run 5K.  Which, now that I think of it, is silly.  It is a 5K run/walk.  You don't have to run.  But I want to, so I waited.

I still have 3 1/2 weeks to continue training - the 5K is on May 22.  That will give me time to better my time and get some outside exposure.  Because running outside is way different than running inside on a treadmill. 

Depending on the weather, I might try running outside on Saturday (yes, I'm a fair weather runner). :)  I will be chaperoning Nick's field trip on Friday, so no running that day.  Well, I might be running, but it will be chasing kids, not exercising at the gym.  :)

Let me just say ... if you are someone who reads my blog and has been hesitant to set a goal and go for it, I really encourage you to GO FOR IT!

When we started doing this Couch to 5K thing 9 weeks ago (I typed cough instead of couch - funny), I really wasn't sure I could do it.  I knew I hated running because I was always so sore afterward.  Then after a while I was good running the intervals of 5, 8, or 10 minutes, but running a full 20 or 30 minutes straight?!  Wow!  It seemed like such a huge obstacle back then!  But I did it!  Baby steps work every time.

And the Bible verse that I think to myself when it gets hard ...

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  Phil 4:13

I can't wait to post a picture of me crossing the finish line when I finish my first 5K!

Go me! 



Rainey said...

Yay! Go Kim! You and Laura are awesome and inspirational! :-)

Sheri said...

Oh I've been meaning to swing back by and comment and just forgot.

Love the photos of your girl.
And the story of the butt-cheeks (Gosh I hope that was your blog LOL)

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