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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nick's birthday party #1

Nicholas will be turning 7 in a few days!!!  Where did the time go? 

We decided to have his family birthday party on Easter weekend since everyone would be here anyway and this was Doug's weekend off of work.  We just combined Easter and birthday all into one big, fun, family day!  And the fact that it was a gorgeous, hot, sunny April day didn't hurt!

I chose to make Nick's cake (like I had made Alex's).  He wasn't with me when I picked out the decorations, but he's really into hunting and fishing these days, so that was the theme for the cake.  I think it turned out pretty good considering this is only the 3rd cake I've decorated.  Ever.  The hardest thing is writing the words, which is why I did not write out "birthday".  He didn't care.  He loved it and thinks I should start a cake decorating business.  :)  (Not gonna happen!)

Nick waiting patiently for everyone to sing Happy Birthday - eyeing up that cake.

Nick's grandma's having cake and ice cream together on the bottom step.  The kids were making a big deal of them sitting there eating because the kids aren't allowed to eat on the steps.

Alex looks so cute with green icing all over his face.  He was trying to hide his face so I couldn't get a picture, so I tricked him into looking at me and quickly snapped this.

Aunt Terri and Uncle David gave Nick a really funny card with his gift, hence the look on his face in this pic.

Nick playing with the remote control car we got him.  It is reversible, meaning it can flip over and still go.  He named the one side Bobby and the other side Shirley.  :)  He cracks me up sometimes!

And of course, no family party would be complete without a picture of Baby Christiana.  She's growing so fast!

It was a nice day spent with family!

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Jenn said...

I love the green faced boy!! So cute!