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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A small money victory

I stopped in at my bank today to cash a couple checks we received recently from our insurance company.  We made a few changes and apparently they owed us money for a change.  :)

The girls at the bank were not the usual girls and didn't know me.  They wouldn't cash the checks since my husband's name was on them also even though he endorsed them.  They said he needed to be there with me in order to cash them.  Long story short, I ended up just depositing them.  I'll take the money out of the MAC machine later (for my laptop fund - yes, Doug and I agreed on that).

But before I left, the fill-in manager for the day (the usual one - the one who knows me well - was out at a meeting), she tried to sell me a HELOC - home equity line of credit.  And, yes, I did say "sell".  I politely declined and told her we don't borrow money.  She looked at me like I was from another planet and told me that it is good to have in case of an emergency.  If you've been reading my blog for any time at all, you probably know where this is going.  :)

I said - we are building an emergency fund savings for emergencies.

She replied - but you never know about emergencies.

I said - we don't borrow money.  Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?

She - I've been hearing his name mentioned more and more lately.

Me - Well, you should really check him out.

She - I'll have to do that.

We then proceeded to talk about current mortgage rates since somewhere down the line Doug and I want to convert our 30-year fixed rate mortgage to a 15-year fixed rate.  I appeased her need to sell me a loan by talking with her for a few minutes, but we won't be doing anything with it at this time.  No papers were drawn up or promises made.  :)

We're working on Baby Step #3, remember?

I just found it interesting that the bank tellers push loans as much as they do.  Just like cashiers push their store's credit cards.  Do they get a bonus if they sell a loan or a credit card?  Seriously, I'm wondering that.

I would not be able to work at a job that wanted me to sell debt.

So I considered today a small money victory.  I didn't buy her debt and I got to tell someone about Dave Ramsey.

On that note ...

Be sure to head over to my friend Laura's blog to enter a giveaway for Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover.  If you do what the book says, it will change your life!  And make sure to tell Laura that I sent you!  I don't get anything for referrals - just want her to know where people are finding her blog from.  ;)

Oh and stop by every Monday because we will be sharing more victories with money - cutting costs, saving, getting a good price on something you NEED, etc.

Have a great day!


f8hasit said...

Well you DID have a productive day, didn't you?!
I had a similar situation with my own bank and a check not too long ago. I've only been banking there for what...20 years? Please.
My dad always told me, "If you can't afford it in cash, you can't afford it."

Melissa said...

That is awesome!!

And, i think that a lot of people think that debt is normal. Not a lot - but some. Ridiculous, huh?! LOL. Hopefully she will check Dave Ramsey out.

And i like how you said, "We don't borrow money." Whenever a store asks me to get their credit card, i usually say something like "no, i do NOT need a credit card!" or "i don't use credit cards" but i like "i don't borrow money." LOL.

Laura said...

Thanks for the plug. :) I have some friends in town here that entered to win the book... if they don't win perhaps we could pass one of your copies around???

I think I will order my new laptop tonight. Just waiting to hear from my bro on whether or not he approves. Always good to get a computer guys opinion first. :)

Kimberly said...

Nancy - Your dad sounds like a smart man! I hope you are passing that same philosophy on to your daughter.

Melissa - A lot of people do think debt is normal. It has become expected to "pay" for things with your credit card or to take out a HELOC to get that new kitchen or whatever. You are weird if you actually save up to pay for stuff. I want to be weird. :) At least in that way.

Laura - Absolutely! You can loan my book out. I have one on hand now and hopefully will be getting the other back soon. If not, I hope the person I loaned it to is making necessary changes in her life.