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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Total Randomness

I have a few posts in mind, but I've been so busy the past few days, I haven't had time to sit down and finish anything up.  So today I have a few random thoughts I would like to share ...

I decided to bite the bullet and sign up on Facebook.  Yeah, I know.  I'm probably one of the five people on the planet (who have internet) who hadn't joined yet.  I'm a little slow that way.  :)  Anyway, I've got oodles of people asking to be my friend.  Well, maybe not oodles.  There are people that I know but have no interest in being their Facebook friend.  Plus there are people that I have no idea who they are.  And I'm not sure what to do.   Do I click "ignore"?  Or do I just ignore their request without actually clicking "ignore"?  Do they get a notice that I clicked "ignore"?  Suddenly I feel bad about possibly hurting someone's feelings.  Hmmm.  Not sure where that came from.  :)

I'm not sure I like Facebook.
Couch to 5K
I'm still chugging along with the Cto5K thing.  I ran today.  Two 10-minute intervals with a 3-minute walk in between.  It went okay.  It probably would have gone better if the lady who climbed on the treadmill beside me half way through wasn't wearing so much perfume.  Ugh!  I've got allergies and can't breathe as it is when I'm running, but then to have to smell her perfume on top of it?  Wow!  And who wears perfume to the gym?!  Seriously!  Then a male friend (husband maybe?) came over to talk to her briefly and he must have bathed in cologne also!  I thought I was going to pass out!

One thing I'm noticing when I run is that my right foot hits harder than my left.  Maybe I need to go to my chiropractor for an adjustment.  It is really annoying.  Thud, tap, thud, tap, thud, tap.  You get the idea.

And I'm seriously considering actually doing a 5K.  The gym has a triathlon coming up in July, so if I can find someone to do the biking and the swimming, I can do the running part.  Or maybe I'll find just a 5K to do, so I don't have the pressure of letting team members down if I stink with running outside.  :)
My girls
Keira and Honey - my girls.  They must have some illness competition going on or something.

Back in January, I blogged about Honey, our dog, being sick and spending a night at the vet's.  Right after that happened, Keira's appendix burst and she spent 4 nights at Children's Hospital.  Honey got better, Keira got better and had her surgery scheduled.

The day I took Keira in for her surgery (6 weeks after it burst), Doug took Honey to the vet again.  This time she was limping around favoring her left leg, although she was still eating and drinking well.  They did X-rays on her leg and decided she had tendonitis or something.  She was on meds (anti-inflammatory) for a few days and got better.  Keira's surgery went well and she got better.

Then on Good Friday Honey starts limping around again.  This time favoring her right leg.  She's only a year old so she shouldn't be having these problems as far as I'm concerned.  So I called the vet yesterday and got some more anti-inflammatory pills, took her in today to get tested for Lyme's Disease which can cause the inflammation in the joints and the limping.  Thankfully she tested negative.  I'm going to look into getting her glucosamine (for dogs, of course).  Hopefully that will help.  Maybe she has some genetic thing?

Monday Keira gets up and her eyes are a little swollen.  They were on spring break, so we went to the gym, then to her school to play on the playground.  Monday evening the swelling seemed a little worse, so I steeped a tea bag for her to put on her eyes (no cucumbers in the house!) and she took a Benadryl.  Tuesday morning she comes in my room crying because her eyes are so swollen she can barely see.  To the doctor with her (and the boys!  I dread taking all 3 kids to the doctor!).  We decided she must be having a reaction to some eye shadow she decided to wear Easter Sunday.  She was playing her violin on stage with 2 trumpeters and wanted to look nice (like anyone can see the eye shadow from that far away).  :)  She has since pitched the eye shadow.

Now she has to take steriods and allergy meds for a few days.  After just one steriod pill yesterday, the swelling was already subsiding.  By the third one, much improved.  Today when she got up, she looked much better, but she's all pink around her eyes where she was swollen.  She went back to school anyway, because there was really no good reason for her not to.  Plus they are getting ready for PSSA tests starting tomorrow and she didn't want to miss.

I told both "girls" today that this competition thing they have going needs to stop ... now.  No more of both of them getting sick at/near the same time.  :)
I had four drivers pull out in front of me and then turn almost immediately yesterday just on the way to/from the doctor's.  Grrr.  I hate to drive some days.
Doug has been working buku hours this week.  I've barely seen him.  While the extra money is nice, I hate him being away so much.  He's still not home at almost 10:30 p.m. - since 7:00 this morning!
Countertop shopping
As you may or may not know, we are in the process of building a scrapbook room for me.  (And when I say we, I mean Doug.)   :)  So we have a couple cabinets ready to go in and Doug assigned me the task of picking out a countertop.  Alex and I went to Builder's Supply today to look because I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on a scrapbook room and they had nothing.  When we had stopped in a couple months ago, they had all kinds of counter tops but we weren't ready for one yet. 

So we ran up to Lowe's.  I left there completely confused and frustrated because where they  have the display of all the available countertops, there are a gazillion different prices and I had no idea what stuff cost.  And the girl that worked in that department was already waiting on a couple so I had no one to ask.  I guess I'll just have to wait until Doug and I can go together, but I'm not sure when that will be since he's working so much.
Alex bought me lunch today
We left the gym and ran some errands.  But first we went to the park so Alex (my 4YO) could play and expel some of his energy.  I was hoping that would help him behave better when we ran our errands and it worked!  He was great!  After stopping at Builder's Supply, we decided to go to McDonald's for lunch.  I really dislike McD's and rarely/never eat there.  But Alex got a gift card from Grammy this weekend and told me he would buy me lunch.  How sweet!  I think he just wanted to eat out and that was his way of getting me to take him there.  :)

I think I did pretty good ... I got a grilled chicken snack wrap, no cheese, with honey mustard dressing and a lemonade.  According to McD's website, the calorie count was 220 and 6 grams of fat in the snack wrap.  It wasn't great, but I'm not crazy about McD's in general.

And Alex got to gloat to his brother and sister that he ate at Mickeldonald's today.  (That's how he says it - it is so cute!).

Happy Wednesday!


Melissa said...

Yeah - i have way too many FB friends... you know i do theatre - so i'll add everyone in the cast b/c you do a show together & get to know each other...and then 2 years later you wonder why you are still their fb friend - you never talk anymore! Sometimes i go in & do a mass delete, but i still have too many friends. But i also don't want to hurt feelings of ppl i don't MIND being their friend... you know? so i just "hide" them so i don't see all their updates. It makes the news feed less people & makes room for the ppl you care about seeing more of. (to hide, you roll your cursor to the left of their post & then this "hide" button will come up...

But yeah - about the friend requests... if i have no idea who it is, i try to figure out who it is. I'll look on their page & if it's not private sometimes i'll see a pic & be like "OH!!!!" & get all happy that they found me b/c it was an old friend i've wondered about. Or i'll see our mutual friends & realize i must know them from church b/c all our mutual friends are at church... i kinda figure it out that way. If i still don't know them, i do hit ignore. Not to be mean, & I hate that too, but i really don't get why they friend me when they don't really know me!! If you just don't answer it at all then if they click on your page, it will say "awaiting friend confirmation" so they will just think you haven't checked your fb or something?! But if you do click "ignore" then they may know...

Melissa said...

That was way too long a post just about FB! UGH! Anyway... sorry about Kiera & Honey!! & way to go on C25k!