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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Alex's preschool teacher took the kids out to play with the bubble machine on the last day of preschool.  It really looked like the kids were having fun, so on Monday when Alex and I were at Walmart, we decided to pick one up.  It was only $10.

He wanted to share it with Liza and Jason on our play date at Laura's house on Tuesday, so we took it along.  The kids loved it!  And Laura and I had a blast taking pictures.  At one point we thought we were enjoying the bubble machine more than the kids were.  :)

Liza is so pretty!

Jason is the cutest!

I posted this pic on my Project 365 blog also ... but just in case you don't check out that blog, I put it here also.  I love it!

I love this one, too!

Alex trying to eat the bubbles.  He's so silly!

This isn't the greatest shot of Alex but I just love that one lonely bubble floating there.  :)

I have many more pictures of our fun, but I can't possibly post them all.  Just suffice it to say we had a good time and are looking forward to another play date with Laura, Liza, and Jason!


Jenna said...

Oh wow Awesome Shots!!! I wish I could still have that much fun with bubbles!!

Laura said...

You got great pics! I love the one at the top with all three of them together.