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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun in the Sun

The weather was so beautiful yesterday (not so much today) that the kids wanted to have a water balloon battle.  The only problem was that the little nozzle attachment thingy that came in the package of water balloons was too small to fit on the end of our hose.  :(

So instead the kids were excited to get the sprinkler out again.

They realized pretty quickly that they could hold the little sprayers and squirt them at each other, so that's pretty much what they did the whole time.

Honey just LOVES the sprinkler!

Nicholas and Keira were having a pretty good battle.

Alex was steering clear of the battle.

Nick getting himself a drink.

We're going to have LOTS of fun this summer with this sprinkler!


Jenn said...

Fun! We were out by the pool all day. It was 93 degrees.... :) Happy Sunday!!! Jenn

Laura said...

Those are some great pics!! Looks like a fun time. Maybe they will soon figure out they can turn and gang up on you. :)

Kimberly said...

Laura - they were trying to squirt me but I was staying far enough away. They only managed to get me a little wet. I'm sure I'll throw on the ol' swimsuit and join them one of these days, but I doubt you'll see pics of that! :)