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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Jordan!

Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure to celebrate Jordan's 5th birthday.  Even though the weather was pretty crappy and the kids were unable to go out and play at the playground, we still had a fun time.  Grammy even surprised us and stayed over Friday night after visiting Linda in the hospital.  So she was able to join us for the party!

Jordan's cake - that cat was a big pile of icing!

The birthday girl

My kids having a balloon fight with Jordan.

Opening one of her MANY gifts!

Having some cake.

Nick with a blue mouth.

Keira with a blue mouth.

I think Alex got more icing on his face and hands than in his mouth.  :)

How babies can sleep in the middle of all the noise and chaos, I'll never know. 
But I am certainly jealous!

Pinata fun!  Keira was last in line, which is good because she broke it!

Of course, all the noise from the pinata woke Baby Christie up. 
Isn't she adorable?  She just loved the balloons!

Happy 5th Birthday Jordan!


Jeanette said...

haha looks like so much fun! love the frosting faces!

Jenna said...

Wow those are some blue mouths!!! I tagged you for an award if you want to play along