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Thursday, May 20, 2010

He's just like his brother!

And I'm in trouble!  :)

I have a page in Nick's scrapbook of him riding his new bike back in 2007.  We got him a big wheel type bike and he couldn't peddle it, so he would take it to the top of the hill in our back yard and ride it down with his feet in the air.

He crashed A LOT!  He never got hurt and would always get right back up and do it again.

Well ...

Alex has decided to do it too!

Now that Nicholas is too big for the big wheel bike and is riding a "big kid" bike, Alex is following in Nick's footsteps on the big wheel.  The bike is faded and doesn't look as good as it did 3 years ago, but it still goes fast down the hill, which is the important thing.
Notice the cowboy boots - turned out to be a great impulse buy! :)

And today he got Jordan in on the fun.

I think she was a little surprised just how fast she could go.

They were really playing well together ... taking turns and sharing.

I wish every day could be like today.

And what a great way to spend our last day with Jordan.


Jenn said...

Weeeeeeee !!!!!!

Melissa said...

SO CUTE! & i love your scrapbook page, great job!

Laura said...

This pictures are so fun! I love Jordan's faces ha. They crack me up.