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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Idlewild 2010

We take the kids to Idlewild almost every summer.  It has become a tradition.  We've only missed a year or two since Keira was big enough to go and ride.  The park is very nice.  Lots of shade trees and the kids can ride almost every ride there. 

It is getting trickier to squeeze in a day to go with Doug's work schedule, but we managed to go on Friday.  We had hoped to go Thursday because the weather was much cooler, but Keira ended up with strep throat and just started her meds on Wednesday and we didn't want to push it.  So instead of 71 degrees and overcast, we had 86 degrees and sunny.  Whew!  It was hot!  But we had fun!  And Keira felt much better by Friday.

I tie-dyed t-shirts for everyone to wear.  That way we could spot each other easier if we got separated, which we always do.  Keira and I usually go off to ride the "big kid" rides while Doug watches the boys ride the little kids rides over in Raccoon Lagoon.  Doug squawked a little about having to wear a t-shirt (he likes tank tops, especially when it is so hot), but he wore it anyway.  :)  What a trooper.

We chose not to tell the boys where we were going because they tend to drive us crazy talking about it until it is time to go.  Especially Nick.  So Keira was the only one who knew.  When we got in the car, I saw Doug's cell phone laying on the console with the ear piece hooked to it.  I made fun of him a little because he can never seem to have a day off without someone from work calling him.  Then about 10 minutes after we left the house, my cell phone rings.  Doug and I just looked at each other and laughed.  It ended up being my good friend, Kiersten, wondering if I was at the gym yet.  I told her no because we were going to Idlewild.  The boys heard me and screamed in delight and I thought, "oh crap!  I let it slip!"  I told Kiersten the story so she could laugh at me too.  :)

The ride down was unusually quiet.  A big thank you goes out to the person who created the portable DVD player.  My only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner.  :)

Anyway we got about a mile from Idlewild and traffic was stopped.  It ended up taking about 40 minutes to go that last mile ... that's how busy the park was.  I suggested scratching Idlewild and going to the zoo or something, but surprisingly Doug wanted to wait it out.

Once we finally found somewhere to park waaaaaaay over on the other side of the park, we ate lunch (we always pack a lunch) on a blanket under the trees.  It was pretty nice actually.  Then we packed up and braved the park.  Here are a few pics of our fun ...

Doug took the boys on the carousel while Keira and I rode the Wild Mouse roller coaster.

Then we met up and all rode the roller coaster.  (No pics of that).

Passing the time while waiting in line almost an hour to ride the Loggin' Toboggin (a water ride ... in hopes of getting wet and cooled off).

Nick was a bit freaked out after riding the roller coaster and the Loggin' Toboggin so we headed over to Raccoon Lagoon, the kids' area, for a bit.  Although, I must give Nick credit.  He did much better this year than in years past.  This was the first time he rode the roller coaster.  Doug said he had his eyes closed the entire time, but at least he rode it.  :)

Keira took this pic of Doug and me while the boys were riding the turtle ride.

Not bad tie-dye for an amateur.  :)

I shot a little video of the kids on the Tea Cup ride.  They loved this ride so much, they rode it 3 times in a row!  Too much spinning for me!

The boys on the turtle.  Keira was too big to ride.  :(

Keira riding the hand-pedaled cars.  She's smiling at the boys who were riding the mini ferris wheel.

Nick kept trying to hide from the camera all day so Keira was helping him pose.  :)

And last, Keira and Nick riding The Whip.  I think we had a breakthrough with Nick this year.  He rode way more rides in the "big kid" area than he ever has!  Go Nick!

We all had a good time at Idlewild this year.  Looking forward to having more fun times this summer!


Sheri said...

What a fun day!!!!

Laura said...

Looks like loads of fun!

The tea cup video made me dizzy. ugh. Hate that thing haha.

Love the shirts! Haven't tie dyed in a while. I made tie dye onesies (sp?) for Liza back in the day. Super cute.

Great pic of you and Doug! Way to go Keira! Get that girl a camera haha. :)

Melissa said...

Great pics! Sounds like so much fun! I think the tie dye shirts look awesome too!

kathryn said...

Wow...looks like you guys had a blast! I actually felt dizzy just looking at that video.

I AM getting old....