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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mutterings

Not really but I had to come up with something that started with M to go with Monday.  :)

Happy Monday!  I know I've been a little lax on the blog posts lately.  Busy, busy.  And nothing much to write about.  :)  My life is pretty boring these days ... which is actually a good thing.  The kids are done with school for the summer and they are driving me crazy at times.  But we're still having fun and we somehow manage to make it through our days without anyone killing anyone else, so that's a good thing.  :)

This morning I went to the gym to do my usual run.  My calves were a little sore from the hike the kids and I took down to our neighbor's pond yesterday.  The hill to get there is pretty steep and my calves were surprisingly sore today.  I didn't expect that since I've been running for like 4 months now.  But I guess the hike used different muscles ... or the same muscles differently.  ??

Anyway, I only ran 1.25 miles (2 miles total including the walking).  I did intervals (.25 walk, .5 run, .25 walk, .75 run, .25 walk) ... then I was done.  I was bummed because I really wanted to hit it hard today.  I was planning to run the 3.1 miles again since I will be running in a triathlon in July.  But there's always Wednesday.

Afterward I showered, got dressed, and noticed that the shorts I grabbed and threw into my gym bag this morning were HUGE on me.  Seriously.  I had to keep hiking them up, they were falling off of me.  These same shorts fit me pretty well last summer.  So I did a little happy dance and decided while Keira and I were running errands this morning/afternoon that I needed to buy a new pair of shorts.  Ones that fit me.  I didn't want to look all frumpy while we were shopping.  :)

So since I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's, and since Kohl's is my most favoritest store ever, we went there.  I got a new pair of shorts (comfy!) and we picked up Doug some shirts for Father's Day.  I was telling Keira that the teal Polo shirt he had on the other day is about 20 years old.  He wore it when we were dating!!!  Yeah, I know!  I plan to pitch it when he's not around.  :)  Wait!  He's at work now!  Done!  :) 

Then we had to go to Walmart for a few things and I went to the express lane checkout since we only had 6 things.  And this little old lady in front of us had like 35 things ... in the 20 items or less lane.  Ugh!  That is the second time that has happened in just the last week! 

Last Monday after Laura and I were done scrappin' at Panera, I had to pop in to Walmart for a few things.  I literally had 3 things in my arms and got behind a couple in the 10 items or less lane that had about 35 items!  Did people forget how to count?  Or am I the only one left who follows the rules?  And then the woman asked the cashier to get her the cheapest pack of menthol light cigarettes she had.  They were $5.64!  I think it is time to quick smoking when you don't even care what brand you are getting ...just the cheapest.  I'm just saying.  I'm so glad I quit smoking! 

We rented a couple movies this weekend.  I finally caved and got Avatar.  Keira has been asking to see it for a while but it is PG-13.  So we watched it together Friday night for our movie and popcorn night.  There is quite a bit of language in it.  Never the F word (I guess that would have made it rated R), but a great deal of others.  It was still a pretty good movie.  I would say it was a great movie if not for the language.  I didn't feel it was necessary.  But the overall story was neat.  It definitely had a liberal political message to it though.

We also rented The Blind Side.  LOVED.IT.  It is now on my list of movies to buy.  It was also PG-13 and probably would have been a better movie to watch with the kids.  It had very few instances of swear words and only one violent scene that I can remember.  And it was a great story.  So inspiring.  If you haven't seen it, you must rent it. 

Something I noticed yesterday that has me upset ... my NON-sugarless chewing gum contains Aspartame!  I intentionally buy NON-sugarless gum to avoid Aspartame.  And apparently I've been chewing it for a couple weeks now since I bought this last package of gum (at Sam's - so it is a BIG package).  So on my list today was gum. 

At Walmart Keira and I were looking for gum w/out Aspartame and do you know we couldn't find any.  Juicy Fruit, Big Red, and Wrigley's Spearmint -- all gums made with sugar -- all now have Aspartame in them!  What the rip?!  Why the artificial sweetener on top of the sugar?  Do they not think the gum is sweet enough?  So you know what we ended up buying?  Double Bubble bubble gum.  It loses its flavor in about 3 minutes.  Ugh!  Maybe I will have to give up chewing gum too.

My friend Laura took Keira on a photo shoot Thursday evening.  She is still editing the photos but she posted a couple on her blog.  They are fabulous!  You must check them out!  She is really becoming a great photographer!  She inspires me to try new things and to learn more about my camera and photography in general.  I can't wait to see the rest!

Keira really needed the boost that she got from the photo shoot also.  She's having trouble making friends.  Good friends anyway.  I think it is because she is a natural born leader that she tends to tell people what to do or what they are doing wrong.  Not to be mean.  It's just the way she is.  So I've been talking to her about how to be a good friend so that she can make some good friends.  Hopefully it will sink in and she'll make some good friends in grade school (only 1 more year) that she will keep throughout high school.

We built a fire last night to roast marshmallows.  Let me just say that I will not be a boy scout any time soon.  :)  My fire building skills leave a lot to be desired.  But we managed to get enough of a fire going to roast a few marshmallows.  I expect we'll be doing that quite a bit this summer.  At least my kids are easily amused.  :)

Well that's about it for me.  Hope you have a fabulous week!


Laura said...

Have you ever checked out pluggedinonline.com?? It's through focus on the family and they movie reviews (as well as music, tv, games, etc.) and they will tell you about the language, sexual content, violence, overall theme of the movie, etc. May be an excellent resource for you now that Keira is getting a little past the kid age and is going to want to watch a little more "grown up" movies.

The Blind Side is AMAZING!!! Love the story. I told Mike that the reason I loved it so much is because that is going to be ME someday! I've always said that someday I am going to give a kid that had a rough start in life a good chance at life. So don't be surprised if someday there is all of a sudden a new member in my family haha.

As for running... maybe you just need to check out the c25k plan again and start at say week 5 or something. Then just work it back up. I always find that having a plan to follow when exercising helps. Just a thought.

Laura said...

Wait. I got that site wrong. It's just pluggedin.com