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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've been moving.  Not across the country or across town or even from one house to another.  No, I've been moving from one room to another. 

As you know, my husband built me a really cool scrapbook room.  It's mine, mine, all mine.  :)  And I love it!

Tuesday I set up an appointment for Friday to have Keira's bedroom measured for carpeting.  Keira's bedroom which was where all my scrapbook stuff was located.  He was available to come sooner, but I explained that I had a bunch of crap to move and would rather wait until Friday.  He chuckled.

So, as usual, my week got away from me so I was scrambling tonight to get a bunch of stuff moved.  I'm wearing a path in the living room carpeting, walking from her room to mine.  And back.

And Honey, God love her, feels the need to lay right in the middle of my path.  Or my room.  Or right outside Keira's room.  So I'm constantly stepping over her or asking her to move.  She's sleeping right behind my chair in the middle of my room right now.  But at least she's not snoring.  :)

I also got a chair on Tuesday.  A tall drafting chair at Staples.  I was able to put it together by myself in about 15 minutes.  I sent Doug a text right after I bought it that said "bought a chair" ... to which he responded "O no".  Funny.  This is why we have a house fund in the budget.

Anyway, I have about 90% of the stuff out of Keira's bedroom. 

And I don't want to sound like I'm complaining or anything, but it is really hard deciding where to put stuff in my new room.  The boys have been helping on and off these past few days.  They would just go grab something and bring it in and set it down to go get something else.  I finally had to ask them to please stop because I needed to decide where to put what they had already brought me.  My nice long countertop was completely cluttered up yesterday because I have been going through things and pitching some things.  I have a stack of things to give away or to sell on Ebay since I'm not selling Stampin' Up! anymore.

There was just sooooo much stuff in that room.  It became the place to put things that didn't have a home.  My kids would put stuff in there all the time.  I guess it is my fault because I let them.  But now I'm trying to use FlyLady principles ... if I don't love it, need it, or use it, out it goes.  And I will continue to do that ... little by little.  Right now I just need to get Keira's room cleared.

I looked for some shelves to mount on my wall today. No luck. I didn't look really hard though. Alex is getting tired of me dragging him around shopping. But I figured I'd rather shop with just him while Keira and Nick are still in school then drag all 3 of them around with me.

We did manage to buy blinds for my 3 windows though.  I just need Doug to get home from work early enough to get them put up.

So it is all coming together.  I'm looking forward to getting done and actually having time to scrapbook.

Hopefully soon.


Jenn said...

So fun!

Laura said...

Monday night at least haha... but not in your room. :)