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Friday, June 11, 2010

Photography - Rule of Thirds

My friend Laura over at Life Happens has started giving photography tips on Mondays then challenging her readers to go apply them.  Then on Friday, she hosts a blog hop where we can show off our work.

This week's tip is about the Rule of Thirds.  I hadn't actually practiced this rule this week, because I sort of do it without thinking.  So I went out this afternoon and got some more pics of my flower garden and intentionally practiced the rule. 

While doing that I noticed a Painted Lady Red Admiral butterfly doing its job pollinating my flowers (thanks butterfly!).  I was able to capture a pic before the kids discovered what I was doing and frightened the butterfly off.  :)

Then Keira decided to pick one of the wild lilies that grows on our other hillside. 
So I took a picture of it also.

I just love lilies!

Plus I found a picture of a sunset I took back in April that followed this week's rule.

If you'd like to play along and possibly learn a bit more about photography, hop on over the Laura's blog and hook up.  I look forward to seeing your photos!  Plus I welcome your constructive comments regarding mine.  If you see a way I could improve a pic, please let me know.

Oh, and when you go to Laura's blog, notice the gorgeous photos she took of Keira last night!  I can't wait to see the rest of their fun photo shoot!

Happy Friday!


Linds said...

I love that picture of the Lily! We love lillies too, and just planted some in our front flower bed!

Laura said...

Great pics!

I'm wondering how that butterfly pic would look if it was flipped... or mirrored I guess is the better word. So that the butterfly and flowers were on the right instead of the left. Although that could just be me... but I tend to prefer things on the right third. I may have read about that... or begun to read about that one time. Going to have to go look for that info.

Kimberly said...

Laura - I tend to put my subjects on the left for some reason. I'll have to play around with putting them on the right.

kathryn said...

Honey, your photos are spectacular! But then, I've always thought you were very, very good.

Of course, the flowers and b-fly are gorgeous...but that sunset is to DIE for....truly awe-inspiring...

Jenna said...

I love love love the lily shot!! I see what laura is saying. I read somewhere that its natural for our eyes to read from left to right so when we see the subject first we tend to loose the rest of the photo.. maybe that helps? I also think it would be super cool if you cropped it portrait instead of landscape?
Awesome photo though, the colors are great!!!