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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday ...

Took Keira to the doctor today. 

Yesterday on the way home from the gym she said she was tired.  Needed a nap.  So she came home and laid down (lay down?  lain down?  I always had trouble with that one in grammar).  A short while later she was up.  I felt her forehead to see if she was feeling okay.  She was burning up.  I asked her to take her temp (since she's old enough to do it herself).  103.6.  Yikes!  Ibuprofen.  Reluctantly.  She hates the taste.

A few hours later I could tell by her mood that she was feeling a bit better.  She wanted to eat.  But she said her throat was sore.

Okay.  Probably no gym on Wednesday.  First thing this morning I called the doctor's office.  They could see her at 11:00.  Yep, no gym.

She tested positive for strep throat.  It amazes me how quick that test is.

Doc gave her a choice ... liquid antibiotic or pills.  She chose pills.  Again ... hates the taste of the liquid stuff.

Picked up script.  Z-pak.  Made her take the first dose immediately.  In the car.  I want this kid to feel better.

We were going to go to Idlewild on Thursday.  But we've postponed that to Friday.  Hoping she'll feel well enough by then.

Now I think Doug is taking the boys fishing tomorrow.  I sure hope so because I'm tired of listening to Nicholas talk about it.  He's been out all day and into the evening looking for worms.  Big ones.  The kind the fish like to eat.  :)

The boys don't know about Idlewild.  Keira knows but she's been sworn to secrecy.  :)  I learned long ago that you don't tell them about plans to go somewhere until it is actually happening or you will hear about it non-stop.  Which is why I'm surprised Doug told Nick about fishing.  He'll learn.  :)

I spent a couple hours this afternoon cutting out name tags with my Cricut for Vacation Bible School.  It starts Monday.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  We decided to laminate them so they will actually last the whole week, so Keira helped with that.  She came in at the tail end of the Cricut work after taking a nap this afternoon.

During her nap she had an episode.  Sleep walking, I guess?  Nick does this from time to time.  I call them night terrors.  He's up, eyes open, but not awake.  And he's usually crying and freaking about about something I can't see.  I've learned to just leave him alone and it will pass quicker.  If I go check on him, they seem to last longer.

So today, Keira was napping on the recliner chair.  She called for me, but when I went to see what she needed, she was talking jibberish.  Incomplete sentences.  Then she got up and started messing with the blanket she had been covered up with.  She walked over to the stairs, went up a few and back down a couple times.  I convinced her to go lay down on the couch.  She tried to get up a couple times, looking at me like I was scaring her.  I convinced her to just lay down.  She finally relaxed, closed her eyes, and slept.

A while later she came in my room and asked to help with the Cricut cutting.  I asked her if she remembered anything from earlier.  She didn't.  I asked her if she wondered how she got from the chair to the couch.  She did.  So I told her what had transpired.  I'm guessing it was because of the fever.

But it concerns me.  Once she moves into her bedroom on the first floor while we are all on the second, I hope she doesn't have any of these episodes.  I'll have to be extra cautious for a while.  Hopefully it was a one time thing.

She was feeling a bit better at bedtime.  Her temp was still up so I had her take some more Ibuprofen to help her sleep.  We'll just have to see how she's feeling in the morning.  I doubt she'll go fishing with the boys.

I can't wait to hear all of Nick's fish stories.



Jenna said...

aw i hope she feels better, I bet it was the fever, that's awfully high!

Melissa said...

Poor Kiera! Definitely the fever if it was still high when she did that. I remember when i was a kid, i saw my mom running up & down the hall, screaming & crying & pulling her hair out. It wasn't real. I was sick & running high fever. I ran to my dad & he comforted me but it's so crazy that that happens!

Hope she feels better soon!