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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a Guest Blogger on Girl Talk!!!

My friend Laura and her friend Lindsey started the Girl Talk blog a couple months ago.  They wanted to have a safe place to write about things only a girl/woman goes through.  They recently put out a call for guest bloggers and to my surprise, this morning I'm a guest blogger!  

I was telling Laura last night about my idea for the blog post and she suggested that I send it to her to be posted on Girl Talk if I didn't feel comfortable posting to my own blog.  I really didn't have a problem posting it to my own blog, but I sent it anyway.  And voila!  It was posted this morning.

Anyway, go over there and check out Girl Talk!  And tell them that I sent you!  And if you are a guy, enter at your own risk!  You've been warned!  :)


Laura said...

Hey thanks for the girl talk shout out! Some of your readers have been over to check your post. :)

Linds said...

Hey Kim,

Can you shoot me an email with what you want as your giftcard? You can either email the girl talk email or my email (listed below). Thanks!

lifesdollop at gmail dot com