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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

People are Strange

So I'm standing in the checkout line at the grocery store this evening.  I had to stop in for a prescription (I have bronchitis, but that's a whole other story!), and we needed some essentials (milk, bread, etc.).

Anyway, I'm in lane #2 - express lane 12 items or less.  There's a man in front of me with a few items in his arms and a couple more people in front of him.  No biggie.  In lane #3 (not an express lane) is a person getting rung up and a woman standing there flipping through a magazine.  Another woman with her cart comes up behind and asks woman #1 if she is in line, to which she replies yes and continues to flip through the magazine.

The man in front of me says something to the magazine woman who then tells the woman with the cart "never mind" and steps over into the lane I'm waiting in.  Apparently she was with the man in front of me and I'm guessing they were in separate lanes so they could go through the one that was moving quicker???

Suddenly lane #1 (express lane - 6 items or less) opens up and they dash over there.  I followed behind since I qualified :) and got checked out pretty quickly.

But as I'm leaving I'm still thinking about the strange couple taking up 2 lanes in order to get through quicker.  Is that weird or is it just me?  Have you ever done that?  Are people really that impatient?  

I just found the whole situation very odd.  Very odd indeed.


*K* said...

My roommate and I used to do that in college. I am indeed really that impatient ;) and I was also young and didn't care I suppose. Now I am the lady who will stand behind the person with 10000000 items because I always find the way to get in the slow lane...and will sit there for an eternity because I don't want the people in front of me to feel like they are too slow. My, how times have changed! :)

Rainey said...

I do my grocery shopping with my mom and we will do that, of sorts. One of us will stand in line with the cart, the other will walk up and down the lines seeing if there is a lane seemingly going faster. If that person sees one, she will stand there, motion the other one over, and we (supposedly) get in the faster line.

We do this because no matter what, we always get behind someone paying with a check who doesn't think to fill most of it out ahead of time, or an old lady wanting to pay with a card, who can't work the machine.

Melissa said...

I have never done that...i don't think. Maybe that would be understandable if you were in a huge hurry for some reason??? IDK. But i agree - people are strange!

Melissa said...

Though maybe it's a good idea now that i think about it? Jk, but i ALWAYS get behind the person who keeps putting things back... like if she doesn't have enough money she puts things back in her basket...weird...annoying, too.