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Friday, July 2, 2010

Photography - Close Up

My friend Laura once again has given us a photo tip for the week and challenged us to go out and practice. This week's tip is to get close up.  I always seem to forget about the challenge until she posts her pics on Friday :), so I took a few of Keira today.  The things Laura has taught so far - I tend to do naturally, so I don't really think about actually "practicing" them.  Today I practiced.  Plus I played around a little in Photoshop Elements which I don't often do.

Keira - close.


Even closer.

I converted the pics to black and white because Keira had sand all over her face, which I didn't notice until afterward.  :)  We got new sand for the sandbox yesterday so the kids have been spending a great deal of time in it.  You can still see it a little on her forehead.  

Make sure to hop on over to Laura's blog to play along.  Hook up there if you want to show off your close ups.  I promise I will remember to go check them out!


1 comment:

Laura said...

Great Kim! Just remember that in the rule of thirds the eyes are the subject in a close up like these. It's ok to chop off some of the forehead in order to move the eyes up. :) Then again you did get them pretty close to what it would be I guess. :) I sent you an email with some even closer crops.