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Thursday, August 26, 2010

6th and 2nd - The Beginning

Keira and Nick started school today.  Keira 6th grade; Nicholas 2nd.  

Alex and I have been teasing them for the past couple days.  Singing a little song ... "you start school on Thursday!"  Over and over.  It upset Keira more than Nick, surprisingly.

Of course, I had to take a few photos of them this morning while waiting for the bus.  It is tradition, after all.  :)

Nicholas, looking quite dapper in his new threads.

Keira in her new outfit and newly cut bangs.  She decided yesterday when she got her hair cut that she wanted bangs.  I'm still getting used to them.

Nick being his usual goofball.

A rare moment ... them getting along ... and being still.  :)

Let the silliness begin!

Alex joins in on the fun.

Eeuuww!  Look at those eyes!

Nick, being handsome.

Still trying to get used to those bangs.  
I think they make her look younger.  Which isn't a bad thing.  :)

The earrings, by the way, are mine.  They were a gift from the bride in a wedding I was in a long, long, long time ago.  I very rarely wear earrings anymore, so Keira has decided to wear them for me.  :)

The bus got to our driveway right about on time and off they went.

The school day went by really fast!  Before Alex and I knew it, the bus was dropping the kids off again!  Which was just fine with Alex because I told him he needed to wait for Keira and Nick to get home from school before he ate a snack.  He was star-ving, after all.

Keira said her teacher was really nice.  She was concerned because she didn't get the teacher that she had wanted.

Nick was pumped because they had two recesses!  Not just one, but two!

I was excited because I didn't have a gazillion papers to fill out this evening.  I already did some forms online since they gave us that option this year.  Yay!

Alex and I had a good time while they were gone.  I'll post something about that tomorrow.

Until then, good night!


Laura said...

1. I LOVE Keira's outfit!
2. I LOVE Keira with bangs! They totally work on her.
3. I LOVE that she chose to wear a cross necklace on the first day of school. :)

Melissa said...

I love her bangs! I think they look really cute on her! I love her outfit too!

Do they go to the same school? Here, 6th grade starts middle school. So i was just wondering.

I love looking at 1st day of school pics. HAHA.