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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We took the kids fishing this evening at a local lake.  I don't have my license so I wasn't allowed to fish.  :(  And since I'm such a rule-follower, I didn't.  :)  Instead I took pictures and looked for more monarch caterpillars.  (Yeah, we're kind of obsessed with them right now).

Nicholas fishing.

The lake.

Alex fishing.

Um, Keira, yeah, fishing.  :)

You will notice I had to take the pictures from behind.  That's because it was nothing but muddy swamp all around the shore and I wasn't going to ruin my shoes in an effort to get a picture of their faces.  I have my limits.  :)

Doug helping Alex reel one in.  But there wasn't actually a fish caught.  Just some seaweed.

I told you I was entertaining myself looking for caterpillars.  Well, I came across this cool-looking bug.

Keira got all excited about this little purple flower so I had to take a picture for her.

And looky here!  More monarch caterpillars!  Can you see the smaller one inside the flower?  Apparently this is milkweed.  The milkweed around our house doesn't have any flowers on it (yet anyway), but I looked it up and they do, in fact, get these pretty pink/purple flowers on them.  Cool, huh?  Of course, we brought these babies home with us.  That puts our monarch caterpillar count up to 14!  (Keira and I had found 4 babies this afternoon and I found another baby before we found these 2).  I wasn't even looking for caterpillars on this plant.  I was just checking out the pretty flowers.

The kids didn't catch a darn thing (unless you count the caterpillars), but they had fun and got really muddy.  They will probably be cleaning the inside of my car tomorrow.  :)


kathryn said...

Wow! You are becoming quite the photographer there, missy. I LOVE these shots...they're all so beautiful. I feel like I'm right there alongside the kids! (But, ya know...in a plastic, air conditioned bubble with no bugs and no humidity)

But yeah...right there!

Kimberly said...

Bring ME one of those plastic, air-conditioned bubbles with no bugs and no humidity! Please?! :)