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Friday, August 27, 2010

Learning ... Cleverly Disguised as Fun

Yesterday was the first day of school for Keira and Nick.  Which left Alex and me home alone.  Not such a big deal.  But what were we going to do?

We went to the gym in the morning, as usual.  Got home, I showered, and we had lunch.  I let him watch a little TV.  We played outside for a little while.  I pushed him on the swing and kicked the ball for the dog.

Then he asked if we could go inside so he could do "homework".  He has a preschool workbook that we do a few pages in a couple times a week.  We call it his homework.  He learns shapes, colors, letters and numbers, among other things.  This week he is learning about opposites.  So we did a few pages in his workbook. 

Then we played a learning game on this dry erase board I bought at Target for $1.  You choose a letter from the row of letters at the top then try to find pictures of things that start with that letter.  There are a bunch of pictures to choose from.  

Once he got bored with that, we broke out the checkers game we bought at Cracker Barrel when Doug and I had our weekend getaway.

We played one game of checkers.  I won.  :)  Then we flipped the mat over and played tic tac toe a couple times.  Before we put the game away, I asked him if he wanted to help me stack the pieces.  

Let's see if we can make a pattern.  Red, black, red, black.

Sometimes he got it wrong ... but he corrected himself pretty quickly.

Such concentration.

Then he would knock down the pieces and start again.

He did this for probably 15 minutes.  

I love it when something so simple can keep his attention.

1 comment:

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That's awesome! My little guy is always willing to do some work when it's disguised as fun, but when it's pure work?? Not usually. He starts back to school (1st grade) on Wednesday. We'll see how that all goes.