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Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo Books!

The photo books I ordered from artscow.com arrived last week!  I was so excited that they came!  Especially since they had just sent me an email that they shipped on August 7 and they were coming all the way from Hong Kong, I think.

So I was doing something in my scrapbook room (probably reading someone's blog or Facebook update :) ) when I heard a vehicle pull in our driveway.  I walked out to the kitchen to see who it might be.  Too early for the mailman.  Too late for UPS.  Yeah, they are pretty predictable.  When I saw a white van parked in the driveway.

My heart immediately sunk.  I was thinking it was the guys trying to sell me meat out of their van again.  Really ... who buys meat from guys in vans?!  They stop here all the time and I never buy anything.  You'd think they'd get the hint.

The one time they were here I had to laugh.  I was watching my niece, Jordan, and had my 3 kids here.  The guy comes to the door, gives me his shpeel about how he was delivering meat to someone down the road and he had some left over and wondered if I'd be interested in buying some.  Then he says to me, "Come on out to my van and I'll show you my meat.  It is excellent quality."


Um, no thank you.

I mean, did he think I was stupid?  Maybe I've watched too many crime shows on TV or something, but I could just picture it.  Innocent, naive me walks out to the back of the unmarked white van, "meat guy" opens the back doors to show me his meat then shoves me in, slams the doors shut, and I'm never seen or heard from again.  With 4 young children in the house.

Not good.

So anyway, back to the photo books arriving.  I opened the front door when I saw the purple FedEx shirt-wearing guy walking up with a package.  My photo books!

They are so cool!  The kids love having them to look at and I love the fact that I have those pictures scrapbooked (sort of).

I don't think I'll ever stop scrapbooking with paper and photos and embellishments, but I definitely like digital scrapbooking.

I could easily get hooked.



Melissa said...

i quit scrapbooking & now will do photo books lol. I have no idea why, i scrapbooked for YEARS & then just quit. No desire to do it anymore (though i love looking at scrapbooks my friends do!).

That is so wierd about the meat guy! I've never had anyone come to my house to do that, but when i worked at this gift shop, that happened every once in awhile! It was wierd. They truly were selling meat...but it didn't always looked good...& we were right next door to a grocery store w/ an awesome deli! LOL. Craziness.

Laura said...

ahaha... Yeah... I've had the meet vans stop by too.

I think the photobooks are a great way to keep up with the scrapping while the kids keep us so busy. It makes it so I don't feel so overwhelmed and behind and it allows me the freedom to choose the things I want to paper scrap and really spend time on. It gives me a good balance. :)

I got an email a few days ago saying mine shipped! Woo hoo!