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Saturday, August 21, 2010

She's not my aunt

There's this woman named Marti who calls from California time to time.  She's calling for her niece, Kimberly Vensel.  However I'm the wrong Kimberly.

She had left a few messages a while ago, which I just deleted upon listening to them.  Wrong person ... no reason to do anything about it.

But then one time when she called, I answered the phone and explained to her that I wasn't her niece and although she sounded like a very nice person, she should try to call the correct number from now on.

She hadn't called for many months but then called and left a message this evening.  I always have to chuckle at her messages because they are so personal and detailed.  I almost feel as if I'm intruding by listening to them.

For instance, tonight's message was about Kimberly's son, Andrew, getting ready to "leave the nest" and how Marti would be "freaking out if that was Mackenzie" and how she's thinking about them (Kimberly, Rick who I'm assuming is Kim's husband, and Andrew).

So now I'm thinking, do I call her back to let her know she got the wrong number AGAIN?  I sort of feel bad that Kimberly is missing out on such a great aunt.

Maybe I'll just adopt her as my aunt.  I could always use another one.  And I wouldn't mind visiting California sometime.



Melissa said...

HAHAHA! That is too funny!! I'm sure at some point she'll be talking to her niece & she'll say "why didn't you call me back?" & then her kimberly will say "i didn't get a message from you!" & then the aunt will know she did it again :) Who knows when that will happen, though!

Laura said...

hahaha. Awesome! You should just try having a conversation with her next time. Maybe she will adopt you as her niece. :)

*K* said...

This reminds me of that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where their aunt from Italy comes to visit and it turns out like 4 days later that it isnt their aunt but just someone with the same last name hahaha.