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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You can't get there from here

This morning, I attempted to drop Keira and Nick off at Day Camp.  I wasn't paying attention to that fact and forgot to make a left turn where I should have.  I was focused on getting to the gym.  Oops!  No big deal.  I could just cross over Main Street, turn left at the next street, then right and we'd be there.

But when I got to the intersection on the way to the gym and looked straight ahead across the street, I saw a ROAD CLOSED sign.  Ugh.

So I turned right onto Main Street, then right again, then went the way I had originally intended.  Guess what?  ROAD CLOSED!

So back onto Main Street, down a couple blocks, hang a left in the hopes that the road wasn't closed that far up.  And success!

Down a couple blocks, turn left onto the street that borders the church's parking lot.  But when we get to the parking lot, the road is closed to turn left to get into the parking lot.


Okay, breathe.  No big deal.

Turned right, parked along the street, walked the kids up to the church parking lot where the bus was waiting.  Not too late (at least the bus hadn't left yet).

Back in the car.  Now ... to get to the gym.  Hmmmm.  The road that is closed (because they are resurfacing it) goes in front of the gym.

Not that big a deal.  Just a little bit out of the normal route.

Got to the gym.  Not too many cars in the lot.  People must not have wanted to mess with the detours.  

Lifted weights with Laura.  Check.

Alex and I checked out the trucks and roller thingy when we left the gym.  Cool things for a little boy.  And we made the construction guys (and girl) smile.  Cool.

Now I have to leave to go pick the kids up.  How am I going to get there?!

It's like you can't get there from here!  Wish me luck!


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