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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have spent the better part of today in utter frustration.  My internet service provider left us a message Sunday night saying that they blocked our outgoing email messages because they were "getting complaints" about spam emails coming from my account and that I apparently had a virus.  Once I cleaned up my act, they would unblock me.


I haven't had time to look into the problem until this afternoon.  So I called and apparently some spammer got my email address and was sending spam from my address.  So the nice man, Jeremy, at my ISP unblocked my outgoing email and before we could discuss anything further, we got cut off.  Which doesn't bode well for them since they also provide my phone service.  :)

I waited to see if he would call me back since I did nothing wrong on my end, but he didn't.  So I called back and got another nice man.  His name was Mike.  I explained what happened and that now I didn't have internet service at all.  The little blue light on my router wasn't lit to tell me I had service.  And I couldn't connect with my laptop.

So he had me unplug my router.  Then he said he needed to reset my modem and would call me back in a few minutes when that was complete.

In the meantime Doug asked me to come outside to help him with something that he couldn't do with only one hand.  So I was outside for a whole 2 minutes and Mike called me twice in that time.  The second time I was just coming back in and heard the phone ring.  He chuckled at my explanation and told me to disregard the voice mail he had left.  Wow!  He was quick!

So I plugged my router back in, hit the connect button and viola!  Back in business.

Now there was still the pesky virus on the desktop to deal with.  So we discussed some options there.  He told me a couple good reliable programs I could download.  One was free, the other not so much.

I ran the antivirus program that is currently on the PC.  Four and a half hours later, it told me I didn't have any viruses.  Really?  Then why is that ugly red screen still showing up and I can't close it?!

So I downloaded the free program on my laptop, burned it to a CD, then tried running it on the desktop.  It started, but it got stuck.  And that's where I'm at now.  Stuck.

And tired.  So I'm going to bed.  Tomorrow is another day.

And tomorrow I will probably pitch the desktop out the window.  After all, I still have my laptop.  If only all my iTunes music wasn't on the desktop.  Ugh!



Laura said...

When computers have issues it can be the most frustrating thing ever. Even more frustrating than having a kid who refuses to sleep in the middle of the night.

Did you try a system restore?

Jenna said...

once upon a time I had a Mac. I love it..never had a virus..never had problems.. until I dropped it in the bathtub. now i use a pc and it sucks.

Jenna said...

once upon a time I had a Mac. I love it..never had a virus..never had problems.. until I dropped it in the bathtub. now i use a pc and it sucks.

kathryn said...

Oh, I hear your pain. It sounds like a freakin' nightmare, sweetie. Maybe you need to Google getting your tunes off the pc, so next time the impulse to pitch it comes, you can heave-ho!