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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's My Blogoversary! ... and a Giveaway!

Happy Sunday!

It's my blogoversary!  My Perspective is officially one year old!  [Actually it was yesterday but I was busy partying with the family (celebrating Keira's 12th birthday) and didn't take the time to post.  :)]

So, I've been thinking about what to do to celebrate my 1 year blogoversary and I decided a giveaway would be fun.  Don'tcha think?

Now normally when someone has a birthday or an anniversary, that person is supposed to get gifts, not give them away.  But since I don't expect anyone to send me a card or a gift for my blogoversary - especially since you probably had no clue about it, unless you're like a blog stalker and you keep track of stuff like that, which in that case, there's no way you are getting my address anyway :) - I thought I'd have a giveaway.

And since I have readers from all over the US, a gift card seems most appropriate.

So I will be giving away a $15 gift card from either Target or Walmart.  The winner gets to choose.

All you need to do is comment on this post by October 1 (this Friday! Can you believe it is almost October already?!).  You don't need to have a blog or a Google account to leave a comment.  You can leave an anonymous comment, but be sure to leave your name so I know who you are.

The winner will be chosen and announced on Saturday, October 2, hopefully in the morning before we leave for our annual jaunt on the local Farm Tour.  I don't know how to do the random.org thingy, so I'll throw all your names into a hat and let Alex, my 4-year-old, draw one out.  Fair enough?

Oh and just for fun, when you comment, let me know the strangest gift you have ever gotten.  For your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, whatever.

I've gotten a few.  All from one particular aunt.  When I was a teenager, one year for Christmas she gave me leg warmers.  Remember those?  Yeah.  But I don't think they were popular at the time.  

Another year I got a pair of socks.  One pair of socks.  No money hidden inside or anything.  Just socks.  

And for our wedding, she gave us a plunger with rice in the handle and a little bride and groom on the end of the handle.  The tag read "Take the Plunge".  Again, no money or anything.  Just a plunger.  Not to seem ungrateful or anything, but I don't think my aunt likes me very much.  :)

So go ahead and let me know your strangest gift(s).  Can't wait to see who the winner is!


Mami2jcn said...

I got tube socks for Christmas one year.

Melissa said...

i have gotten some weird gifts from my grandmother...only right now i can't remember any of them! :o/

Julie said...

Oh this was hard to think of. I can remember once I got a bright lime green sweatsuit. Not really the color I would choose for myself.

Frugal Fashionista said...

I'm trying to think of the strangest gift. I really can't think of anything too strange!

*Katie* said...

I have a weird gifting aunt too! One year I got a popsicle mold. When I was like 10, which is not a good present when you are 10. Unless I suppose you are obsessed with popsicles, which I wasn't. She also got our family a candy dish that was Santa's torso for Christmas once. Talk about creepy.

Laura said...

I'm going to have to go with kitchen utensils. This may not seem like it is that strange but anyone who truly knows me would not walk through a store and look at the kitchen utensils and think "Hey. Now that would be a GREAT gift for Laura!" (I hate cooking... and the kitchen in general.)

Happy blogoversary!

And thanks for mentioning the farm tour! Where can I get info on that for this year?

kathryn said...

Oh, Happy Blogoversary! What a big girl you are now! (And a seasoned pro, having surpassed the 1-year mark!)

My mother (God bless her) used to find the strangest gifts...that would wind up being the handiest things EVER. Like a microwaveable tray with a cover sized and designed to nuke hot dogs...with little sharp piercing things built in so they wouldn't explode! Another year, it was this black, hard rubber thing...abt 4"X2". It was made to loop thru the handles of plastic bags so if they're heavy, they don't dig into your hands. Hilarious...but damned if I didn't wind up needing it!

Sheri said...

Alex...let me know what I can bribe you with to pick me...shh we won't tell you Mom!

EMSFS said...

Me & my husband received a 'used' toaster for a wedding gift from one of my MIL friends. I'm not kidding. It was nice, but there were literally crumbs in the bottom of the toaster and in the box. it was gross.

emsfsemsfs at gmail dot com

meeyeehere said...

Cute bunch of kids! I guess the strange gift I was given was a painted cicada shell my sister gave me as a birthday present.She did not really get me anything so she went out in the yard got a skin the cicada shelled and painted it red with spots. My sister can be a real pain

Liz said...

My future mother-in-law gets us good gifts sometimes, but other times... yeah. She once gave me an ugly figuring from the thrift store for Christmas and then--no doubt seeing my unconcealable look of horror--tried to play it off as a gag gift. I don't object on principle to second-hand gifts as I do lots of thrifting myself, but this thing was hideous. It was some sort of Avon souvenir and was a pastel-colored Victorian lady holding what looked like a birdbath up in one hand. Oh, and someone must have used it as an ashtray once because the birdbath and a little burned and melted spot. To this day she keeps trying to give us VHS tapes, not realizing she's the last person to use her VCR.

Also, I received many Strawberry Shortcake-themed gifts as a child from one particular aunt whom my mother could never convince that I hated Strawberry Shortcake with a fiery passion. There was a comforter, a board game, and some sort of light-up ceramic strawberry-shaped house, among others I've forgotten.

quitecontrary1977 said...

An ex-bf kept forgetting my birthday, day after day for a solid week. I didn't make a big deal of it, but I told him he was going to have to go big for all his mistakes. I was expecting marriage proposal, but he gave me a book of British Comic strips. WTF? I broke up with him and married someone who can remember my birthday!

TruthHole said...

I got a rock from my dad one year for my birthday,it was kind of like a bolder actually.He got it for me to keep my bedroom door open because it slammed shut sometimes when wind blew through the house.I did not speak to him for 2 days.


Jenna Wood said...

I think pet rock has to top the list!

woodpress08 (at) gmail (dot) com

shirley said...

I had forgot but I too, got a pet rock one year, and an IOU one year.

katychick said...

my strangest gift was a boob enlarger hand work out machine- my sister gave it to me and the next year for m-xas i gave it back to her- every year it goes back and forth.
tcogbill at live dot com

Tracy R said...

I got a red velvet and plastic vest from my Aunt. I don't know what she was thinking of!

amandawk said...

One year for Christmas my grandma gave me a couple of dish towels. This was weird because I was about 10 at them time.
amandarwest at gmaildotcom

LAMusing said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Strangest gift was a bucket of shrimp (although they were tasty!)

Another weird one was a Valentine gift from a boyfriend - an electric guitar pin... uh, didn't play guitar and never wore pins

When I was a kid, a friend gave me a Holly Hobby plate for my birthday. This after I had expressed my deep contempt for all things Holly. I guess all she heard was "blah, blah, blah, HOLLY HOBBY, blah, blah..."

Funny thinking about these, and also fun reading everyone else's :)

Mom2anutball said...

My aunt gave me a jar with one penny inside of it. No clue why, she never explained lol!

fineinsanity {at} live {dot} com

Kristen said...

Once a long time ago I received a macrame plant holder with little plastic owls woven into it. GAWD it was UGLY!!

couponboss at gmail dot com

barbara.montyj said...

Happy Blogoversary!
Strangest gift - Hot water bottle from my grandma.
No I'm not kidding!
barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

debbie said...

My friends used to joke about the gifts my mother gave me. One year it was sponges from the dollar store, one year it was a couple of shirts that she had worn, and didn't like. I have got to say, it doesn't make for a fun Christmas with her when I know she sent my sister's family to disneyland for their Christmas gift.

Pixie said...

The worst present I ever got was on my 8th birthday....the fact I can still remember it tells you how upset I was to recieve it....My best friend at the time gave me a vhs copy of the man from snowy river,recorded off the tv....with all the tv commecrials in it :( I was 8....had no interest in the movie at all