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Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Many Things to Look Forward To!

This is a great and busy time of the year for us.

I am running in my 4th 5K race on Saturday, September 11.  I believe my running buddy, Kristen, from the gym is coming home from college to run with me.  That will be fun.  Although I won't let her actually run with me in the race since she tends to run quite a bit faster than me. I will tell her that I will see her after the race and we can hang out together then.  I'd hate for her to miss out on a medal or something because she slowed down for her friend 20 years her senior.  :)

And I'm kicking around the possibility of running a race in October and one in November.  I think I might need to continue running races to keep me motivated to keep running.  Make sense?
I started going to a Bible study with my friend, Laura, on Tuesday mornings.  We had our first meeting this week and I am in with a great group of women.  We are reading the book Becoming a Woman of Simplicity by Cynthia Heald.  This should be fun and interesting.  Of course, once PALMS (my preschooler's group) starts up in October, I will have to miss a few weeks.  I think it will be okay though.  And we finish up on my birthday.  How fun is that?!
I am attending a Stampin' Up! card class next week.  You may remember that I used to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator until I quit at the beginning of this year.  I was just ready to do something else.  Or nothing else as it turns out.  But my former sponsor kept me on her email list and invited me to a card class and I can actually go.  It will be lots of fun, I'm sure!  It will be a little strange being there as a customer and not as a demonstrator though.
Then next Friday Doug and I are leaving for the weekend!!!!  Again!  We just went away for a night at the end of June and we enjoyed the time away so much that Doug started planning our next trip shortly after we got back.  The hardest part is finding sitters for the kids.  But his mom agreed to watch them Friday to Saturday, then my mom is coming up Saturday to Sunday.  The kids are looking forward to them being here.

We are staying in Erie, which is where we went the last time, but we're actually staying in Erie this time.  Then we plan to drive up to Niagara on Saturday.  Those are our only real plans so far.  We will probably take our bikes as long as the bike rack I bought gets here in time.  FedEx says it should arrive on 9/13 which is Monday.  We took our bikes the last time ... crammed them into the back of my van, which didn't leave much room for anything else.  Not good.  So the bike rack will definitely come in handy.

And my sister-in-law let us borrow her GPS (thanks, Terri!), so hopefully we won't get lost anywhere along the way.  Doug doesn't usually get lost (unlike me who gets lost in my own backyard), but it can't hurt to have a back up.
Keira will be turning 12 on September 21st.  It is hard to believe that she's 12 already!  The years seem to have flown by.  Of course, when you have a 2-year-old throwing a major tantrum, you can't wait for them to be 12.  But now that she's there, I'm not so crazy about it. She's growing up too fast.
Doug has an interview on Monday with a different company.  He has had 2 phone interviews so far.  This will be a tour of the plant and a face-to-face with the boss.  The job will be very similar to the one he has now except that it will be daylight Monday thru Friday and off weekends.  Well, he'll be on call 2 weekends a month, but he'll be off for sure the other two.  He will have further to travel, but he's willing to travel a little further in order to get off of shift work.  

He said his boss and his boss's boss were talking to him yesterday.  Making him a bunch of promises to get him to stay.  He told them ... DAYLIGHT.  Steady daylight.  That's what I want.  This shift work is killing me.  And switching shifts 3 times in one week is a bunch of bull.  They agreed but I don't know if they have to power to do anything about it.  There was supposed to be a meeting today or tomorrow about the future of the plant he's at now.  So I guess we might find something out soon.  That's a little unnerving.  I know people deal with that kind of stuff all the time, but we have never had to.
And Doug is on vacation starting Saturday morning!!  He has to go out midnight shift tomorrow night 7pm-7am, then he doesn't have to go back to work until the 20th.  He's got his list of things he wants to accomplish during that time (besides our weekend away).  He wants to get some trim work done in the living room and dining room.  And he needs to work on his car.  Something is wrong with the front end and he hasn't been able to figure it out since he hasn't been off long enough.  I'm sure there are other things on his list, but I can't think of them right now.
So those are just a few of the things going on here.  Keeping us busy.  Giving us some things to look forward to.

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