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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Farm Tour 2010

As I wrote in my last post, today was my family's annual trip to the local Farm Tour.  The first Saturday in October finds us up and out of the house early with snacks and drinks in hand to go check out a few local farms.

Except today ... I didn't go.  :(

This cold has gotten the better of me and I feel pretty crappy today.  But Doug got up and got the kids ready and took them!  That made me happy!  One - that he took them since he knew they really wanted to go.  And two - because it gave me a couple hours to myself.  Well, just me and the dog, but she slept most of the time.  :)

He took my little pocket camera so I could at least have some pictures for my scrapbook.

The first stop was an Alpaca farm.  (Actually the first stop was going to be the Marburger Dairy Farm but Doug said the place was packed, so they moved on.  Besides Marburger's was on the Tour a few years ago so we've already seen it.)

Anyway, here's Alex being checked out by an alpaca.

Silly looking creatures, aren't they?  Love their fuzzy legs!

Nick told me there were about 50 alpacas there ... and that this one was spitting at them.  I'm not sure whether or not to believe him.  After all, his eyes are brown.  :)

Next up was the wild bird farm ...

Doug said it was a bunch of ringneck pheasants and some quail.

Nick liked this mounted coyote, so he asked Doug to take its picture.

Doug said when they were leaving the bird farm, he spotted this phone booth sitting in the middle of a field.  He thought it was pretty funny.

Doug bought the kids each a pumpkin at the bird farm also.  Pictures of those coming soon.

So that's it.  I'm disappointed that I had to miss this year's Farm Tour, but I'm glad I at least got to see some pictures of their fun.


kathryn said...

Oh, I'm sorry you had to miss the farm 'cause of that stupid cold. I'm glad Doug took the kids and I hope you're feeling better.

Yes, Alpacas spit! Cute as they are!

Sheri said...

That's so cool that they took photos for you!!