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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Recently Katie at Third Time's A Charm posted some pictures from last year's pumpkin carving.  One of them was of her making a psycho pumpkin killer face.  I loved it and commented that I had a similar one from this year.  She told me I should post it for the world to see, so I will.  Just for you, Kate.  :)

We carved pumpkins early this year.  We had beautiful weather and Nick really wanted to get his pumpkin carved, so we did.  I cut the top off his pumpkin and let Nick go to town digging out the guts.

Nick couldn't get over how slimy the insides were.

He had a good time.

Then he told me how he wanted it to look and I got busy creating the face.  Keira took these pictures of me with our little pocket camera.

I use a pearing knife to mark the area to be cut out.  It makes carving much easier.

Alex was coaching me along.  :)

Nice, huh?

As promised, the psycho face.  I probably could have done better.  :)

Alex got a hold of the pocket camera and took this picture of me.  It wouldn't be bad if he had actually gotten me in the picture.  Or at least a bit more centered.  But he is only 4.  I should be happy it is somewhat in focus.  :)

The bad thing about carving our pumpkins so early is that we already had to throw them away.  They stunk!  We had them outside on the front steps and for the past few days, when you would walk past them, you could smell them.  Ick!  So they are already becoming compost for next year's garden.

But we still have several uncarved pumpkins and gourds decorating our front porch, so it is all good.  I don't expect we'll do any more carving though.  Although we will dig out some pumpkin seeds before we pitch them.  Nick wants to grow "a whole bunch of pumpkins next year" so he can sell them.  He's quite the little entrepreneur ... always coming up with ideas to make money.


Melissa said...

HA! I love your face in the pic above the "psycho face" one! It's hilarious! Great pics!

*Katie* said...

LOVE IT!! And I think your psycho face is just fabulous :) So glad you decided to join me and put the psycho face on display for all to see!