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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Runs in the Family?

So I guess we have another runner in the family.  Yay!  Keira ran in a cross country race this morning along with several other students from her school.

She was so excited!  We didn't think she would be allowed, what with a broken arm and all.  But her doc gave her permission as long as conditions were ideal.  Well, they may not have been exactly "ideal" but they were pretty good.

So we were up and out of the house early this morning to watch her and her teammates run in the 1 mile 6th grade cross country race.  The elementary schools in the area compete against each other.  There are individual awards for the fastest 5 runners and a traveling trophy for the fastest team.  No one at Keira's school won anything, but they all tried hard and finished, which is great!  Their school's team placed 7th.

Here are some pictures of this morning's festivities ...

A walking lap around to warm up and to familiarize the kids with the route.

Keira talking to her teammates before the race.

The girls race first.  They are lined up listening to some last minute instructions.

Racers ... GO!

Keira started strong!  She was in 3rd place for a while.

She ran really fast for about 1/4 mile, then had to run up a small hill and ran out of steam, so she walked for a bit.  We talked afterwards about having to pace yourself.  Lesson learned, I guess.

Approaching the finish line.  
I didn't hear her official time but it was around 11 minutes.  Not bad!
She looks tired!

Before the race, Nick was "helping" his gym teachers.  :)

Alex was having fun playing in the dugout.  At least we called it a dugout.  It's a covered bench where the football players sit.

After the race Nick found someone he knew from Summer Day Camp so they played tag for a while to pass the time.  Alex tried to play too but the other boys were too fast for him.

After the awards were handed out, it was time to head home.  

Keira was exhausted!  She'll be taking a nap this afternoon, I'm sure.

But I'm so proud of her for giving her best effort!  She's already talking about joining the cross country team when she starts Junior High next year.  Oh boy!  Guess I'll be warming a bleacher seat.  :)


Kim said...

That's so awesome. Oh i want to get back into running (jogging for me.) I just don't want to hurt my foot again. I think I'll wait it out a bit.

Sheri said...

Woohoo Keira!! That's great!

Laura said...


Great job Keira!!