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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week

This has been an interesting week.  Well, maybe interesting is the wrong word.  It has been an odd week.

Monday Nicholas was sick and stayed home from school.  Thankfully Doug was off and could stay home with him because it was also Alex's Farm Field Trip day.

Monday afternoon/evening Nick was feeling better but Alex started not feeling well.  He was a bit feverish and just feeling yucky.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to my PALMS group but Alex's fever was still going strong so we stayed home.  I had to have Keira at school at 8:00 for chorus, then Nick at school by 8:30 for his field trip.  I couldn't just leave Nick at school when I dropped Keira at 8:00, so we had to make 2 trips.  It's usually not that big a deal since the school is only a mile from our house, but with a sick kid, it was kind of a big deal.  

Then we dropped the PALMS newsletters (my job at PALMS) off at my friend Jody's house.  I also gave her some money to play Bingo for me since that is what we were doing at PALMS that morning.  I was disappointed to not be going ... I was looking forward to playing Bingo.  Jody had gotten some great prizes donated and this was sort of a fundraiser for our group.  

Anyway, Alex and I didn't do much once we got home.  He watched movies and slept off and on and I worked on my Monarch photobook.  I also did laundry and dishes and such.

Wednesday was Preschool picture day and thankfully Alex was feeling much better.  I told his teacher about him being feverish the previous day and that I would just be at the gym in case he had a relapse.  Bonnie Burman was the photographer.  You must check out her work.  She's phenomenal!  She has a son named Alex also and we chatted about then when we first arrived at preschool.  Alex's teacher didn't have to call me to come get Alex, which was good.  And Jody brought me a gift certificate that I had won from the PALMS Bingo.  It is for Villa Grande, one of my most favorite restaurants!  Woo hoo!

Wednesday evening Keira got her hair cut.  She got over 11 inches cut off to donate to Locks of Love.  She loves her new haircut!  A friend of mine that saw her last night said it took her breath away when she first saw her.  I think that's a good thing.  :)

Thursday morning I didn't feel well so I skipped aerobics, which is what I had planned on doing that morning, and we stayed home.  We didn't do much, although we did run a few quick errands in the afternoon.  We needed propane gas for our grill, so we stopped at a propane place to get it filled.  But they told me they only fill consumer's tanks during the summer - from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  How weird is that?  Don't people still grill after Labor Day?  I mean, we don't grill as much, but we still grill.  So we went to where my brother works, another propane gas place, and they filled it with no problem.  And, yes, we grilled that evening.  Turkey burgers.  Yum!

Friday morning I hit the gym after dropping Alex at preschool.  I need to get busy running for another 5K race I have coming up on November 6.  Not sure why I decided to do that one.  I'm sure it will be cold.  Anyway, this will be my last one for a while.  So I ran a little on the treadmill.  I much prefer to run outside, but after not feeling well on Thursday, I thought it would be better to stay inside.

After I picked Alex up at preschool we stopped at the library to pick up some movies and Alice in Wonderland was there!  So we scooped it up for our popcorn and movie night movie.  Yay!  That's another movie we need to get.  I'll have to add it to our Christmas list so when someone asks what to get for the kids, I'll remember.

Oh, and on the way home we stopped at the post office.  I had a bill to mail and needed some stamps.  The day before I had stopped in and the women who works there was very friendly ... telling me about a magazine she had been keeping for me that had a great article about butterflies, but that she had just thrown it away earlier this week because I hadn't been in.  

Anyway, so we stop in Friday, not paying attention to the time and the window was open at the service desk.  So she sort of rudely asks me if she can help me and I tell her I need a book of stamps.  She gets them for me but is grumbling about this being her lunch break and she's not supposed to be open but she had to make a quick phone call and didn't close the window yet. I was having a hard time feeling bad for her since she gets a 2 hour lunch break.  Or at least the service window is closed from noon to 2:00 pm every day.  Maybe so she can stuff mail into people's mailboxes, but still.  I just thought that was strange ... how she can be super friendly one day and rude the next.

Friday evening was our church's Children's Fun Fest so I dropped Keira and Nick off at it.  Alex could have gone if I would have stayed with him.  I just didn't want to.  Too many screaming kids for me.  So Doug, Alex, and I played a very competitive game of Scrabble.  Alex was "helping" Doug.  But I won.  :)

Then Doug went to bed early since he is working 3 am - 3 pm this weekend and Alex and I watched Alice in Wonderland.  And ate popcorn.

This morning I slept in until almost 10:00.  Not sure how that happened.  I guess the boys must have been watching a movie since that seems to be the only thing that keeps them quiet in the morning.  :)  We didn't do much today.  Cleaned.  Keira worked on her pyramid that she needs for school.  Nick and I finished up his Halloween costume.

He was invited to a friend's Halloween party this evening and I had convinced him to be a SWAT COP.  So I bought him a long-sleeved black shirt, black jeans, and black socks.  He already had black shoes and I let him use my black ball cap.  I had the hardest time finding a black winter vest, but finally found one at Target.  It has a red inside and is reversible ... although it is a woman's small, so it is a bit big.  I figured Keira could use it after Nick is done with it.

Then Doug brought him home some safety glasses from work.  And he stopped to pick him up a gun today since I didn't get him one and didn't feel like going anywhere today.  I made the SWAT letters from white sticker paper that I have and my die cutting machine.  His outfit turned out pretty nice.  He broke the gun already.  He's not allowed to take it to school for that Halloween party anyway, so I'm not too upset.  We can probably super glue it back together.  But I think that's a new record for breaking a new toy.  He only had it about 2 hours this time.  :)

So that's my not-so-exciting week.  Next week should be equally uneventful.  :)

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