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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alex Wants to Mop the Kitchen Floor???

Alex has asked me every day for the past few days if he can mop the kitchen floor.  What four-year-old wants to mop a floor?  
He keeps whining, "I never get to do any chores!"  Really!  

So I told him he could clean the windows.  We use microfiber cloths with just water.  No chemicals.  It's a good job for him.  He didn't like that option.  He wanted to mop the kitchen floor.

Then I told him I needed to sweep first, then he could mop. But I was washing dishes at the time, so he would have to wait.  He got angry and went storming up to his room.  Or maybe I sent him up because of his attitude.  I can't really remember now.  :)

I swept the kitchen, along with other rooms.  But then it was supper time.  Then it was Book Fair/Family Reading Night time.  When we got home, he complained again.  So I promised him he could mop tomorrow.

Who has to promise their preschooler that he can mop a floor?  Most parents would promise to go to the zoo.  Or to the playground.  Or to grandma's house.

But not us.  We are a strange bunch.



Laura said...

hahaha. This is awesome!

*Katie* said...

HAHA! He can come to my house! I will let him mop to his heart's content! :)