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Friday, November 19, 2010

Breaking the Rules

I am a rule follower.  Sometimes I hate that fact about myself.

On the way home ... sitting at a traffic light ... waiting to turn left.  The turning left lane has a red light, which is stupid because there are times when there is little/no traffic on this particular road.  It doesn't need a red light.  I needs a green-yield-when-traffic-is-coming light.  But I sit and wait.  Wishing I could go ahead and turn.  After all, there's no one around to see me break the rule.

Parking at our local public library ... the lot is one way.  To get out you have to turn left onto another one way street.  (Our city is notorious for its one-way streets.)  The exit is about 5 feet from another street.  One that would be quite convenient to get to except that you'd have to turn right.  But you can't turn right because it is a one-way street.  The other way.

Now I've seen people turn right so they could get to the convenient street without having to go around the block.  It burns me when people do that.  Because I can't.  I won't.  Because it is against the rules.

Walking into Walmart, the doors are marked "Enter" and "Exit".  I'm not sure why because no one seems to pay any attention to them.  Except me.  I go in the "Enter" door and out the "Exit" door.  Every. single. time.

I try to break the rules ... I long to ... but I just can't.  At least most of the time.  

Speed limits are still optional.  :)

So I ask you ... is it a good thing to be a rule follower?  Does that show a sign of maturity?  Or does it just make me uptight?

I like to think I'm being a good example to my kids.  Showing them that there are rules for a reason.  Without rules there would be chaos.  And that wouldn't be very much fun.

But sometimes I wonder.


Laura said...

I'm a rule follower as well. And the library thing REALLY bothers me. However I did have to laugh that you must go in the enter and out the exit at Walmart. :) I figure those are more like a suggestion since no one ever really follows that anyways... and then you can't get out the exit on the food side because people are lined up at the redbox thingy. Yeah. I have issues haha.

Melissa said...

Ok, this is funny. I have always thought i am more of a "free spirit" & i have accused brad of being such a rule-follower. And he is, more so than i am. But after reading this i realized i am more of a rule-follower than i thought. I hate when ppl go in the exit & out the entrance hahaha. And i would never be able to turn left when nobody's around (at the red light). I also never would be able to go the wrong way on a one-way street (even for a short distance). Other things, too - like at work we have to go the "long way" to come back to the office - instead of taking a certain shortcut. They ask us to do that for safety reasons. Well, certain people won't do it & it TICKS me off. I have always had a little pet peeve w/ people doing as they please instead of how they are asked to - it is like they think they are above the rules.

There are certain things i'm more flexible on though - i will speed (a little), i will get on FB at work (we really aren't supposed to but even my boss does!), i will sneak candy into a movie theatre.

I think the older i get the more rule-following i become, hahaha.