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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Thursday Nicholas came home from school all excited because he had lost another tooth.  He now has three holes in his mouth.  Although two are starting to grow in.   

He asked me to call the Tooth Fairy and tell her she needed to visit that night.  (I started that when Keira was little ... telling them that Mom or Dad needed to call to make an "appointment" for the Tooth Fairy visit.  It must have made sense to them, so we've stuck with that).  I told him I would.

We got his tooth ready in the little treasure chest (when you lose a tooth at school, the nurse gives you this handy little plastic treasure-chest-looking thing to put it in) and I tucked the kids in as I always do.  Making a mental note NOT to forget that the Tooth Fairy needed to visit Nick before she went to bed (she's forgotten before!).  I even got the money out to help the Tooth Fairy remember.

Thursday nights I watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  That's the only night I actually sit down and watch any TV.  So with my laptop on a TV table in front of me, I watched my shows.  I was editing photos and picking which photos to have printed during commercial breaks - in case you were wondering about the laptop.  While I was sitting there, I heard something fall.  I got up to investigate but didn't see anything.  So I went back to my show watching.

At bedtime, I grabbed the money.  (Four quarters is the going rate for a tooth in this house, unless it is a molar.  Those are worth $2.)  I went into the boys' room to do the Tooth Fairy thing only to find the tooth and the little treasure chest missing.  I panicked a little while I felt around on Nick's bed trying to find them.  He sleeps in the top bunk of the bunk beds, so I can't reach too far over.

Unable to locate the missing tooth and chest, I reached for Alex's lantern.  He keeps it in his room in case the lights go out, I guess.  I turned it on and searched.  Nothing on Nick's bed.  Nothing on Alex's bed.  Finally under Alex's bed, I found the chest.  But no tooth.  Or so I thought.  I didn't see it anyway.  And the boys have beige carpeting in their room.  Not good for finding a tiny missing tooth with the dim light of a battery-operated lantern.

So I placed the empty chest and the money in the spot where the chest originally was and went to bed.  Tooth Fairy work done.

The next morning I came out of the bathroom after my shower and Nick was sitting on the couch.

Nick:  Mom, the weirdest thing happened!

Me:  What's that?

Nick:  The Tooth Fairy left money but forgot to take the tooth!


Me (trying to think fast at 7:20 a.m.): Oh ... um ... well ... the Tooth Fairy left me a note that she had dropped your tooth and then was unable to find it.  So I guess it must have landed back in your treasure chest.  Cool, huh?

Nick:  Yeah, you're probably right.  I'm sure that's what happened.

Whew!  I got out of that one.  Nothing like lying to your kids first thing in the morning.

I wonder when they get old enough to discover that there is no Tooth Fairy ... or Easter Bunny ... or Santa Clause ... will they ever trust me again?  Only time will tell I guess.

And for those of you reading that still believe in those made-up characters, I am truly sorry to have been the one to burst your bubbles.



Heidi said...

That's so funny! I've forgotten before too and had to tell them that she was running late because so many kids had lost teeth!

Laura said...

hahahaha. That's too funny! Oh man. good thing kids are gullible!