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Monday, November 29, 2010

New Christmas Ornaments

Since the kids had no school today, we made a brave (or foolish, depending on your perspective) trip to the mall to get their ornaments.  It is a tradition that I started when Keira was a wee little babe to get the kids ornaments each year.  

Some years we go to Hallmark and let them pick out their own.  Some years we go to a kiosk in the mall and get a personalized one.  This was that year.

The kids picked theirs out pretty quickly.  Alex was the quickest, which was wonderful compared to last year.

 Keira surprised me with her choice this year.  And she didn't take nearly as long as usual.  :)
 She is a straight A student, so I guess she wanted a record of that.

Nick found his pretty quickly also.  And his ornament is soooooo fitting for him.
Mostly the "tell big lies" part.  You know how I always say his eyes are brown?  Yeah, that'd be the reason.  :)

Then we picked out one for the whole family.  I let them choose between gingerbread men and reindeer.  I wanted the gingerbread men, but as you can see, they all voted for the reindeer.

The nice thing about the little kiosk in the mall is that you can pick out your ornaments, tell the girl what you want on them, and she has them ready in 10-15 minutes.  

That gave us time to run down to Dick's and pick up a couple gifts for Doug from the kids.  Of course, he is the hardest person to buy for.  Ever.  Really.  So I had to call him and ask him what he would like.  He saw some gloves at Dick's recently and he wanted a new pedometer.  I prefer gifts to be a surprise, but since he's so tough to buy for, I'd rather get him what he'll actually use.  We looked around for a 3rd gift (gotta have one from each kid, ya know), but didn't find anything.  So I told Nick I'd take him shopping to get Daddy something at another time.

After Dick's we walked back through the mall to check things out.  Santa was there, which made the kids happy.  They didn't want to sit on his lap or anything.  They were just glad to see him.  Then the boys rode the train.  I was surprised Nick wanted to ride it.  I asked him if he wasn't too cool to ride it.  He said he was cool but he could still ride the train.  :)

Then we stopped at another kiosk ... Playthings, Etc.  A woman from my Bible study is the owner of this super cool store.  Their building looks like a space ship.  And all they sell is fun stuff.  They set up a kiosk in the mall for Christmas with just a small assortment of the toys they have available.  Such cool stuff!  I told Doug we should run out there Friday after our anniversary dinner, since we'll be without kids and we can really check stuff out.  Hopefully they will still be open that late on a Friday night.

Anyway, we came home and each child put their ornament on the tree.  We still need a new star.  We've had an angel for the past gazillion years, and I decided we need a change.  So we'll be shopping for a star soon.  

Then I will post a picture of our skinny little tree.  :)


Laura said...

Fun! I was going to say you could go to Kraynak's next year to get your ornaments but then you went on about how they can take a long time to pick one. Well Kraynak's has soooooo many so it would probably take hours haha.

I need to go to Playthings, etc. sometime too! Just to play. :) I checked their website and they are open till 9:00 on Fridays through Christmas.

*Katie* said...

Such cute ornaments! I love ornaments :) Our tree has a TON of them, as did my family's tree when I was growing up. I used to make fun of my mom for how much she would cram on the tree...and now I'm doing the same thing!

Katie said...

Those are so cute!! And no debating over who's ornament is who's down the road! :)