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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Painting with Alex

When our current neighbors moved in next door, there was a swingset/playhouse in their back yard that they did not have a need for.  They are a 50 something couple with no kids.  Just a dog.  So they told us we could have it.  All we had to do was get it from their back yard to ours.  I don't remember exactly how Doug moved the over-sized heavy thing, but he did, and we've had it ever since.

The swing set was a hand-me-down a few times over.  Our prior neighbors had it given to them by a family member whose kids had outgrown it.  It is made of treated wood and was never really taken care of, so it has turned gray over the years.

Sometime during the summer, Nick must have needed something to do so Doug gave him some leftover purple paint from Keira's room and told him to go paint the playhouse.  It was a funny sight indeed.  And since there was only about 1/3 gallon of paint, he didn't get too far.

So a few weeks ago when we were having some really nice Indian Summer weather, Alex and I broke out the lavendar paint leftover from my scrapbook room, and had a fun time painting.  We weren't striving for perfection ... just having some fun.  Enjoying being outside in the warmer weather.

I got out one of Doug's ladders so I could get up high.  Alex kept climbing up the wrong side of the ladder to see what I was doing.  I asked him several times not to because I didn't want him to fall and get hurt.  But he kept climbing, so I started swiping him with the paint brush when he'd climb the ladder.  It quickly became a game.  And he ended up with paint from head to toe.  Literally.

Showing me his karate moves.

More karate moves.  Notice the paint in his hair?  It was there for about a week because he wouldn't let me comb it out.

Painted toes.

 The finished swingset/playhouse.  
Like I said - we weren't striving for perfection ... just having fun.
The kids decided to put their handprints on the darker purple.  Too cute!

Now we just need a new cover on the playhouse to match the purple.  Probably not gonna happen though.  :)


Sheri said...

That is just too cute!!!! I love that Doug just handed him the paint and let him go for it!

kathryn said...

Adorable. So, Alex is turning into a Picasso/Karate Kid who loves his apples so much that he can't put 'em down...even during a demonstration!

It's great the way you just let 'em have fun! You're a great mom!