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Friday, November 19, 2010

Parent Visitation

Parent visitation was at Keira's and Nick's school today.  I had a plan.  I would drop Alex at Preschool, do a little shopping and get to the school promptly at 10:00, when PV started.  That all happened according to plan.  When I got there I read over the school's list of rules during parent visitation.  Be quiet.  Don't disrupt the class.  Turn off your cell phones.

Okay, that last one I had a problem with.  Because the last time I was without my phone, you might remember that Doug mutilated his hand and needed to reach me, but was unable.  I am, admittedly, a little paranoid about that now.  So I decided to keep my phone with me ... turned on.  Besides, what were the chances that it would actually ring?  I was at the school where Keira and Nick were.  Doug was at work.  Alex was at preschool.  And my phone almost never rings.  It's really just for emergencies.  And for ordering pizza on the fly.  :)

Nick's face lit up when I walked into his class.  I was the first parent to arrive.  I took my place in the back of the room and he kept sneaking a peek at me from time to time.  His teacher was getting ready to read a story with the class. 

Then, sure enough, about 10:20 my phone rings!!  Right in the middle of the story.  Thankfully my ring is very quiet, but I'm sure it was still heard.  I snuck out into the hallway to answer.  It was Alex's teacher calling to tell me that Alex wasn't feeling well.  He was laying on the bean bag chair complaining about his stomach hurting.

Now I had just talked to a friend of mine this morning about her kids being sick ... vomiting and fevers.  So, of course, I had to go get him.  I wouldn't want to be the cause of other kids getting sick.  I asked his teacher if he could hang in there for a few minutes so I could visit Keira's class for 5 minutes (instead of 30 like I had planned).  She said of course.

I scooted on down to Keira's class just as they were gathering up their stuff to switch classes for science.  I joined her in science class and explained the situation with Alex.  She was disappointed that I couldn't stay long, but she understood.  And she was glad that I came.  

They were discussing their bugs and were making predictions about them.  They are studying milkweed bugs, which is kind of ironic since we had a lot of experience with milkweed this summer.  :)  We had seen those bugs many, many times but didn't know what they were called.

Each group had a male and a female in their zippered bags (with air holes, of course).  I had to leave to get Alex so I didn't get to find out what more they observed about them today.  I'll have to ask Keira when she gets home.  I said my goodbyes and off I went.  

It was snack time at preschool and instead of eating the orange I had packed him, Alex had choked down a couple crackers.  He came over to me with his sad, pouty face and we left.

He asked me if we were going shopping, like we had planned, to pick up his cousin's birthday present.  I told him no, we were going home because he was sick.  He asked me to carry him to the car because it hurt his belly to walk.  That was a little hard because he is heavy and my body aches all over from yesterday's aerobics.  I'm having trouble walking ... my calves are so sore.  But I carried him anyway.

We came home and he curled up on the recliner chair and watched a movie.  He perked up a little while ago and wanted to mop the kitchen floor, so I let him.  :)  He hasn't asked me to pay him yet, so that might be a freebie.  :)

Now he's watching another movie, taking it easy.  And I'm feeling a lot like taking a nap, so I think I'll join him.



Melissa said...

See! You left your phone on! You do not always follow the rules. ;) HAHA.

Sorry he's sick though! Hope he feels better soon!

kathryn said...

Oh! I do hope Alex is feeling a whole lotta better.

I would absolutely keep my phone on...just put it on vibrate. Your experience has shown that YOU need to have it ON and with you at all times!