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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preschool Feast

Monday was Alex's Preschool Feast for Thanksgiving.  I helped last year and really enjoyed myself so I decided to help again this year.  Last year I didn't really have any certain duty so I just walked around and took pictures and helped where/when needed.  This year another mom and I were in charge of helping the kids make stuffing.  I still managed to get some pictures though. 

We were set up in stations: stuffing, apple peeling for applesauce, dessert, and butter making.  Then once the potatoes were done cooking, the kids got to help mash them.  And there were fresh green beans to snap.  Every 15 minutes or so each group of kids moved to a different station.  That way they got to participate in making the whole meal - and would be more likely to eat it afterward.  In theory anyway.

So here are the pics of our fun time.  I mean hard work.  :)

Alex eating an apple peel.  The kids got to use an apple peeler/corer/slicer to prepare the apples for applesauce, which is how they got such long strings of apple peels.  They all had a good time eating the peels.

Shaking the jar to make butter.

Stirring the stuffing.

Hanging with Taylor for a minute.

We were pleasantly surprised with a real turkey this year.  Last year (and I think the 2 years that Nick was in preschool) we had chicken nuggets as the meat.  But this year Mrs. Saeler's husband brought a hot, juicy turkey from home for us to enjoy.

I don't really know what Alex was doing here.  The kids were all in a circle watching the popcorn popper and playing games with Mrs. Saeler before we ate.

Singing a few Thanksgiving songs.

Enjoying the fruits of his (and the other kids') labor.

We ate in the newly remodeled community dining area.  We sat with 2 families that we don't really know that well, so it was nice to get to know them better.

It makes me sort of sad to know that all the things we are doing this year will be our last at this preschool.  We've really enjoyed our time at this preschool and highly recommend it to anyone in our area.


Bev said...

That was really cute. He looks like such a ham!

kathryn said...

He looks like a serious star! I can see the other kids thinking, "Hey...is he someone famous? 'Cause he's getting an awful lot of photos taken of him."

Little do they know that you've got a gazillion people in cyberspace that love to see what he's up to!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fam, sweetie.