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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And so it begins ...

Imagine ... you are sleeping so wonderfully sound.  Snuggled up close to the one you love.  Dreaming wonderful dreams of sugarplum fairies and drinking yummy hot cocoa by cozy warm fireplaces.  Then....


The phone rings at 6:30 am.  Jolting you out of your peaceful slumber.

And not just a normal phone ringing.  It is the sound of your husband's annoyingly loud cell phone.  

You jump up from your sleep, rub your eyes, and wonder what in the world?!  While your husband is scrambling for the cell phone to stop the annoying sound.  He chooses to press the "ignore" button instead of answering it because he doesn't recognize the number that is calling.  You are thankful that it is not his work calling.  Again.

But then his phone rings again indicating that he has a voice message.  This ring isn't nearly as annoying but is just as loud.  Why does he keep his ring so stinkin' loud?!  He gets up again to listen to the message.

And now that you have been jolted awake, you have to pee.  So you trudge down the stairs to the bathroom, thinking that you really should have built a second bathroom when you were doing all that remodeling a few years ago.  While you are using the facilities, your home phone rings.  Ugh!  Who is calling?!  But you can't answer the phone because you are indisposed at the moment.  You just hope all these phones ringing don't wake the kids.

Once you are finished, you walk past the home phone and see the voice mail light blinking, so you check it.  It is 411 the school alert system that had called, so you listen to the message.

"Hello, this is {superintendent} calling.  Due to flooding on several streets and roads the school district will have a 2-hour delay today.  Thank you for understanding."

Yep, that's right.  December 1st and we already had a 2-hour delay!  This is not a good sign.

Sometime overnight, the torrential downpour of rain we had yesterday turned into snow.  Not so much that the roads were covered, but enough to lay on the grass, trees, and cars.

The view of the pine trees out the window on the northeast side of the house.

This view is out my big picture window in the living room.  Notice the reflection of the Christmas tree lights?  Yeah, I meant to do that.  :)

My car covered in snow.  Do you see the swipes of snow removed?  That would be my children having a snack of snow this morning.  Yuk!  Why kids love to eat snow, I'll never know.
Maybe it is time to throw those pumpkins and gourds away, huh?

This is the view out the back window.  No birds currently in my bird house.  Hopefully later today when they are certain the kids are gone.  :)

There's not much snow on the ground.  The forecast is calling for 1-2 inches.  It is snowing right now.  The Peanuts (Charlie Brown) kind of snow flurries.  The kind you catch on your tongue.  

Alex just said, "Mom, we're in a snow globe!"  Cute!

The one good thing, I guess, is that all that rain wasn't snow.  The 3 or so inches of rain we got would have been about 30 inches of snow!  I don't think I'm ready for that yet!

In the few minutes I got to spend with Doug this morning before he left for work around 10:00 (after not getting home until after 1:00 a.m. because the plant was down), he managed to tell me ... as he was driving through town on his way home this morning, there was water shooting up from the man-hole covers.  He thought it was a plastic garbage bag or something flapping in the wind at first.  But once he got closer, he could see all the water.  Not good.

So we'll stay inside in our "snow globe" today and watch the snow blow all around the house.  Alex has school but he wasn't feeling well yesterday so I chose to keep him home to make sure he is better.  He was out with Keira and Nick playing in the snow this morning, so he must be feeling good.  I just want to be sure.  Plus I really don't want to have to go anywhere today.  :)


Melissa said...

oh wow! love the pics! It is just SO beautiful!

Stay cozy & warm! :)

*Katie* said...

So pretty, I want to come visit your house! Here the high is 70 today. Ugh. However, they are forecasting snow for next week...but I won't hold my breath for that!

Sheri said...

You might hate it but I think it's beautiful!

kathryn said...

Pretty. It's even prettier when it's happening to someone else. We got hit with that rain today...and thank GOD it was rain! That and the high winds made for massive flooding. Now it's over and it's supposed to get very cold.

I am thankful for every day it's not snow!

Stay warm!

Shannon said...

i was raised in TX and now live in northern IL...snow is beautiful! we had our first snow fall of the season yesterday and i was so surprised at my excitement. :)"snow globes" rock but neg. temps, feet of snow on the ground, and snow drifts do not...not by the time it's march lol.

hope you enjoyed your weird weather day.

hi btw :)nice to meet you dear!

Kimberly said...


Welcome! It is nice to "meet" you too! Thanks to Sheri!

I've lived in PA all my life, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now. I just watched the weather forecast for the next week ... not looking good. Unless of course you like snow and temps in the 20s.