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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give This Christmas Away

I bought a book recently called 101 simple & thoughtful ways to give this Christmas away by Matthew West.  As I was browsing through it, I came across one suggestion that struck a cord with me so I thought I'd share it.


#9 - Be an angel of the night.
Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, there was never any shortage of snow in December ... or January ... or February.  (Catch my drift?)  We had crazy amounts of snow, and you know what that means -- someone had to shovel the driveway.  Every time we'd get hit by a snowstorm, Dad would say, "This looks like a job for the angels of the night."  My brothers and I would grumble a little as we reluctantly put on our hats, gloves, and snow boots and headed out for a long night of shoveling.

We weren't shoveling our own driveway.  Dad would take us to the home of a widow in our church or to the neighborhood of an elderly man who was too frail for manual labor.  We worked hard, but it didn't feel like work because, despite our initial grumbling, we always had fun together.  And we knew how surprised the people would be the next morning when they looked out their windows.  The angels of the night had struck again.

Do you know someone who needs a job done?  Someone who can't take care of it him- or herself?  Be an angel of the night, and surprise someone with a secret good deed.

Be an example ... by doing good works of every kind.
Titus 2:7

I think the reason this struck me is that while I was doing all that shoveling earlier this week ... my own driveway ... I kept hearing a Voice telling me to go across the road and shovel my neighbor's driveway.  I ignored the Voice because I was tired and it was really really cold!  And I had Alex to deal with.  And someone usually plows her driveway.  I had many "good" reasons why not.  But it has bugged me that I didn't go do it.  

I'll have another opportunity.  Probably many more actually.  And I will listen to the Voice next time and just do it!

Stay tuned for more from this great book.  And go buy it!  It is only $5.00!


*Katie* said...

LOVE that idea!

Melissa said...

awesome! i love that!!

Laura said...


You will feel good after you get to shovel your neighbors driveway. :)

We always shovel for our neighbor (during the day!). She's a single mom and works A LOT and well... probably the last thing she wants to have to do is shovel her driveway.

Kelly said...

What a blessing to wake up to a shoveled driveway! I sometimes have an angel in the night that rolls my trashcan back up to the house if I leave it there long enough..