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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thomas vs. Dog

Alex and I were playing with his Thomas the Train set yesterday as we do almost every day.  We took a break and came back to find this.

What do you think poor Thomas is thinking as he approaches the massive dog that is laying on his tracks?

And why do dogs pick such strange places to sleep?  Or is it just my dog?



Melissa said...

HAHA! That is hilarious! :)

*Katie* said...

HAHA! Love it. Our one dog likes to use pillows when she sleeps like a human, cracks me up every time!

kathryn said...

Oh! What a sweet photo! I can't believe your dog is so comfortable that he (he?) just kept right on sleeping. Obviously, he (he?) likes to relax wherever you've already been. I'm sure it's 'cause it smells like you. Now, that's devotion for you.