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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Ten: Ten Sports

Sheri over at The Shades of Pink hosts Thursday Ten.  This week's theme is Ten Sports I've Played.

I don't know that I've played 10 sports, but I'll try my best to come up with a list.

1.  Running.  (duh!)  Is running a sport?  Because it's hard and involves exercise and lots of sweat, so I'm calling it a sport.  And it is something I do pretty regularly, so, yeah, it counts.
2.  Catch.  Tossing a football around in the back yard with my kids and/or dog.  Hey, it counts!
3.  Badminton.  The company I used to work for had company-wide battles - sporting events that teams competed against each other.  Then we would finish up the battle with a picnic (gotta have food!).  I'll be pulling several of my sports from that.  :)  And this would be one of them.
4.  Golf.  Once or twice.  I wasn't very good.  From the battles also.  I remember being called in off the course one time because of lightning.  And I think we were on the last hole.  That kind of stunk.
5.  Putt putt golf.  We take the kids sometimes.
6.  Volleyball.  I actually wanted to play in high school, and the coach was interested in me playing (or maybe I dreamed that), but I was in the band and I couldn't do both.  And since my mom had paid a bunch of money for the clarinet, I had to stick with it.  
7.  Dodge ball.  Yeah, I'm reaching now.  But we played dodge ball in school all the time.
8.  Basketball.  Well, not exactly the game.  More like shooting hoops, but I'm counting it.
9.  Kick ball.  I remember wearing a skirt to school one day in grade school and we played kick ball outside.  I went to kick the ball and somehow missed the ball and landed on my bottom, skirt flying in the air.  Not a good moment.  Is it any wonder I didn't really pursue any sports?  :)
10.  Bowling.  Doug and I used to bowl all the time BC (before children).  We even had our own shoes once upon a time.  Soon I'll be bowling on our new Wii that we bought the family for Christmas.  Shhh!  Don't tell the kids.

So that's my list in no particular order.  Just how they popped into my head.  :)

EDIT:  After I went to bed last night, I remembered another sport.  And actual organized sport I participated in.  In the summer between 5th and 6th grade (I think), I played girl's softball.  I think I forgot to mention it because I've tried to block that from my memory.  :)  We were called the Chicora Chicks.  Really.  There were 4 teams and we tied for 3rd at the end of the season.  See why I blocked it?  I do remember hitting a triple one time over a girl's  head that I disliked.  That part was cool.  :)


Laura said...

I loooove dodgeball and would LOVE to play again. I only played a few times but one of those times was college intramurals. Oh man! When you get all the rules down and play for real... it's awesome! Intense. Love.

Sheri said...

badminton...ready? Mike lettered in it in highschool!!! It's out big family joke. He was actually a baseball player for years and one year decided to take a year off and played badminton!

And dodgeball Laura. Oh I HATE dodgeball!!!! I always got hurt.

Katie said...

That sounds similar to what would be on my list - I am so not athletically inclined!

kathryn said...

Wow...you're a regular tomboy. It's hilarious that you subconsciously kept thinking about this post...and that you remember almost clocking the girl you didn't like. Ah, grade school. Good times!