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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Were you aware?

Not much time to post this morning.  Gotta get ready for Alex's birthday party.  Can you believe he is going to be 5 tomorrow?!  That time flew by!  But I'm so grateful that I got to be a SAHM because of him ... and I got to spend those 5 years watching everything.  I am truly blessed!

Anyway, were you aware that I have a Project 365 Photography blog?  There's a link for it over there -----> on the right.  For 2010, I have been posting a picture a day.  Well, almost every day.  I missed a few days here and there.  I'm not sure I will continue with it into 2011.  I'm still considering it.  I have commitment issues, ya know, so that is actually quite a feat for me to have done this for a full year.  :)

I leave you now with a picture my MIL took of Doug and me last night.  He's making his dorky face.  :)  I didn't know we were supposed to make a goofy face or I would have also.


Jenn said...

Lookin great! Merry Christmas!!!

*Katie* said...

Great picture of you too! And happy birthday to Alex a day early!! :)

Melissa said...

HA! I love that pic... you look great & he looks...well, goofy! :)

Happy birthday, Alex!

Laura said...

Fun pic!

You rocked for the photo a day. I think you are the only person I know who said they were going to do it and actually finished a year!