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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I've been up to ...

This week since the kids are off school, my normal daily routines have gone waaaaaaay by the wayside.  Aside from the funeral stuff earlier in the week, my days have consisted of ...

Sleeping in late whenever possible.  No rushing around in the morning, getting kids ready for school and myself ready for the gym or wherever.

Playing with the kids on our new Wii game system.
This is the score after one of our first bowling games ... before we created our own Mii's.  That's me with the high score.  :)

We got the Wii in the hopes that the kids would have fun playing together, learn teamwork and good sportsmanship, which they did at first.  Now a few days in, they are fighting over who gets to have remote 1 (the one in charge), who gets to go first, etc.  {sigh}  It is a good thing I am going out this evening.  I need a little time away from them.  Too much togetherness is not a good thing.  :)

Playing some of the new board games we got for Christmas ... Scrabble, Blokus, Qwirkle.  And the kids just sat down right now to play Shark Attack.  We'll see how that goes.

Watching the kids play out in the soon-to-be-melted snow while I enjoyed the warmth of the inside.  It was raining today and it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so the snow will be just a memory soon.  But don't worry, it will be back.  :)

Having their 5-year-old cousin, Jordan, over for a play date yesterday.  They played pretty well most of the time.  They also fought a few times.  {sigh}

And this ...
Apparently I became obsessed with finishing this puzzle.  Keira's puzzle.  She got it for Christmas and started assembling it on Tuesday, I think.  She asked if I would help her and that was all it took.  I sat at the dining room table for about 3 hours yesterday determined to finish it.  Jordan helped a little.  She likes puzzles too.

And it was HARD!!!  Look at all that white!  Geez!  I guess I love a good challenge.

Today I figured out how to get my new camera remote to work. 

It came with no instructions.  So I started checking reviews on the Nikon website.  Someone clued me in to having to read my camera's manual.  Whoda thought?!  :)  Silly me thought you could just open the package and it would work.  Apparently there's a setting on the camera that needs to be changed.  As you can see from the above picture, I figured it out.

Now I'm outta here for a night out with my friend, Laura, at Panera.  A much-needed break.

Hope you are having a great week!


Sheri said...

Have a nice night out!!!

*Katie* said...

Hope you have a nice relaxing night out! :) And that puzzle looks REALLY intense!

Melissa said...

I love puzzles! And that one does look hard! Have fun at Panera!

kathryn said...

I love your photo! My digital never gets both the background (door) and ME in focus...either that, or the flash is too strong. I'm sure it's the flash...'cause it couldn't possibly be me.

You're an awesome bowler! I'd be the one w/the lowest score.

Okay. I've been MIA and I have to see what the funeral reference is...although I'm dreading it as well.

I hope you and your fam have a joyful New Year's...

Laura said...

That puzzle DOES look hard. And now I want to clean my room so I can set up the card table and do a puzzle! Thanks for the motivation to clean haha.