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Friday, January 7, 2011

6' 3"

That's Alex's estimated height at adulthood.  Wow!  All of my kids are going to be tall!  Way taller than me!

I had come across this child's height predictor a while back.  I did Keira's and Nick's at the time.  I think Keira's estimate was 6' 1" and Nick's was 6' 4".  I wasn't able to do Alex's because the minimum age for this particular calculator is 5.

Well, since he had his 5-year checkup yesterday and I had accurate measurements for his height and weight, I decided to check it out. 

But, the site was bookmarked on the desktop PC.  And when my nephew brought the PC back from the dead a few months back, all of the bookmarks got wiped off.  Ugh!

Thankfully I was able to find it again through a quick internet search.  What did we do before Google?  :)

This would be a really great picture if he didn't have red marker around his nose.  :)

Anyway, it is a fun thing to look into.  Only time will tell how accurate it is.


Sheri said...

I was never ever able to get a predicted height on Madi. I always got a note that she was too tall for their predictions, but we are pretty sure she's done growing at 5'9". The three boys: 5'10", 6'1"-6'3" (difference heights at different times) and 5'9". LOL Guess my height, or lack thereof, had some major influence...if the predictor is right.

I remember when I was a kid doing a mathematical equation in 4th grade to predict our heights. Mine said 5'3"-5'4" boy was I ticked when I stopped growing at 5'2".

Jenn said...

Neat! I did my daughter - she's the only one older than 5, and she's gonna be a whopping 5'2!!! Me and the hubs are vertically challenged!! :)