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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm not one who remembers my dreams often.  Oh, I will sometimes when I first wake up, but five minutes later ... gone.

But I have had a few dreams lately that I have been remembering.  Probably because the subject matter has been the same.

I don't recall all the details of each dream ... but in my dreams I have to pee.  Bad.

One dream that I can remember had a bunch of people from high school in it.  People I haven't seen in a long time.  

I had to pee and found a bathroom.  But it was at the top of these stairs and the door to the bathroom was glass.  Full-length glass.  So everyone could see me peeing.  I don't know where the stairs led, but everyone (i.e. people from high school - girls and guys) were coming up the stairs, looking in to see me pee, and walking past to get wherever they were going.


Each time I have a dream like this I wake up having to pee really, really bad.


Anyone want to venture a guess as to what these dreams mean?



Laura said...

Oh my gosh! I hate pee dreams! I wake up all freaked out and checking the mattress haha.

Sheri said...

LOL I'm just venturing out with a guess here, but I would think they mean you have to get up and go pee.

Melissa said...

No idea what that means, but that is crazy! LOL!

SouthernSass said...

That is funny! I have dreamt before that I wet my bed b/c I had to go bad!