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Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Soccer Practice

We had to wake up bright and early on this beautiful Saturday for Alex's first soccer practice.  His practice was from 9 - 10 a.m.  You may remember I wrote about how frustrated I was after last Sunday's soccer clinic.  So I was a bit hesitant about this practice.  Well, thankfully today's practice went much smoother.  I think possibly because there were fewer kids.  Ten were there for his team's first practice.  His team name is the Colorado Rapids.  Cute.

After a few laps around the gym, the kids practiced their stops and kicks.  Then came the dribbling.  Alex still forgets that he is not allowed to touch the ball with his hands.  That will come in time, I'm sure.

I took my camera along again, but still didn't get great photos.  I changed the ISO to 1600 again and changed the white balance to fluorescent to see if that would help.  It didn't.  This gym doesn't have any natural lighting so I still had to have a pretty slow shutter speed.  Hopefully one or two of his games will be in the other gym - the one with windows - so I can get some decent shots.

Practicing dribbling.

Practicing kicking a goal.  That's one of his coaches, goofing around.  He seems like a really nice guy.

I think Alex actually missed the ball here.  Or barely kicked it.  :)

Alex was excited because he knows a girl that is on his team.  Lauren goes to our church.  Plus he knew a couple other kids that are on other teams.  My friend, Kiersten, has her son Christopher playing.  Alex's team plays against his team later this month.  We'll see how that goes.  :)

Anyway, we have another practice next Saturday morning at 9:00 (ugh!).  :)   Then games start on the 22nd.  That one is at 11:00, so I'll get to sleep in a little that day.  :)  Of course, we'll probably have to go out for lunch afterward.  Especially if his team wins.

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!


kathryn said...

So cute! His coach looks like he's enjoying the first practice, too.

I'm tired just thinking about getting up and out and there by 9am!

UGH. Can't they start just a teeny bit later? C'mon! We need our beauty sleeeeeeep.....

Laura said...

Fun! Makes me miss the game. :( Although if I tried to play now I would probably have to hit the bench ten seconds into a game for oxygen. I hope one of my kids likes soccer. I'll coach if they don't mind.