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Friday, January 14, 2011

One Day - Two Fat Lips

This afternoon Alex needed some help with a game he was trying to play on the Wii with Keira.  He wouldn't accept her help, so I offered.  I was showing him how to "throw the frisbee" properly ... standing behind him ... both my hand and his hand on the remote.  We apparently threw it pretty well because he jumped for joy.  And smacked his head off my mouth.  OUCH!

I ended up with a lip that was split and bleeding.  And later swollen.  A fat lip.  Ugh.

I had just healed up from a fat lip I had gotten from the dog a couple weeks ago.  I was down on the floor at her level playing with her.  She lifted her head quickly and ran right into my mouth which made my lip bleed and swell.  Not a good thing for this Lip Smackers addict.  :)

A short time later we took Keira to basketball practice at her school.  While she was in the bathroom changing into her shorts, the boys decided to play with some of the miscellaneous balls that were in a big crate out in the hallway.  They chose those bouncy balls with the handles.  The ones you sit on and bounce around.  Like this:

Well, I had just said to Alex to be careful so he didn't bounce his head off the floor.  When seconds later, he flew forward and smacked his face off the floor.  Loud blood-curdling screams.  Lots and lot of tears.  We went into the bathroom to get a wet paper towel to sop up the blood from his lip and to help it stop bleeding.

We poked our heads into the gym to say goodbye to Keira and left.  Alex still screaming ... all the way to the car.  He was still crying when we got home.  We did get the bleeding to stop.  No ER visit or stitches needed.

The only difference between us is that his fat lip is on the top and mine is on the bottom.  See?
(edited with Paint the Moon's Vanilla Pop)
Although his bottom lip looks a little swollen too.  :)


Laura said...

Oh man! What a day!

Nice photo though. :)

Katie said...

Fat lips are the worst! I got one once whitewater rafting in Costa Rica. It was epic. I though I was dead. I should blog about that one day lol

Sarah Halstead said...

Oh no! That stinks. Cute photo of yall.

kathryn said...

Ouch. (Winces in empathy) I remember getting those...usually when a toddler (usually Taylor) would suddenly push up off my lap and into my chin.

Funny though...even with fat lips (which I can't see all that well) you two are gorgeous...

Hope you both heal quickly!