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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The One Year Devotions for Kids

The One Year Devotions for Kids #1 (One Year Book)
We were given the book, The One Year Devotions for Kids, recently by our Children's Ministries Directors at our church.  They are using it as an incentive program for the kids.  When the kids complete a month's readings, they get 10 points towards their total to be used at the store during Kids 4 Truth.  The store contains lots of goodies the kids love (the parents not so much).  :)

Keira decided she was definitely going to do this.  Nick took a little convincing.  Alex took a lot.  But if I'm reading it to one, I'm reading it to all of them.  Whether they like it or not.  :)

We're only a few days in, but so far it is a pretty good book.  Each day is only one page long.  It suggests a few Bible verses to read.  Then there is a story about a situation.  Like one story talked about judging people by their appearance instead of getting to know them before you make a decision about them.  The story is followed up by a few questions that make the kids really think.  

Lastly is a Bible verse the kids are supposed to memorize.  I don't make them memorize it because they already have so many other verses they are trying to memorize each week for Bible quizzing and Kids 4 Truth, I don't want them to get confused.  So we read the verse a few times and they try to quote it back as best they can.

We are doing our best to do this devotion right before bed each night.  Some nights are going to be harder than others.  Like the other night when we didn't get home from Keira's basketball game until almost 9:00 - we skipped that night and read two the following night.

I recommend this book to those of you with kids.  It is probably more appropriate for older kids.  Alex is probably too young to comprehend, but he still listens and hopefully he gets a little out of it.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed, as most book reviews are.  Someone completely dissed the book based on one entry, October 1.  I read it just to see what the issue was.  Yes, it is a difficult subject, but one that probably needs to be addressed with your older children.  I don't agree with pitching a book because you disagree with one entry.  There are so many other pages that contain excellent information for your children.

Having said all that, I just wanted to throw my 2 cents out there.  If you decide to get the book, be sure to let me know what you think.

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Sheri said...

I like your new header and I like your header idea. So there!

As for the devotions. Will you actually do it daily? I am SO bad about that.