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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being the baby

Alex is finding out that being the baby of the family sometimes stinks.  So we've talked about it.  I have tried to make him understand that there are many good things about being the baby.  And that I understand the things that stink about being the baby, since I am also the baby amongst my siblings.  

So I listed the pros and cons that I could think of ... to help him understand.

You get mom (and sometimes dad) all to yourself when the siblings are at school.
You get to play the Wii all by yourself.  (No sharing!)
You get to eat lunch out with mom and dad occasionally, something big sis and big bro don't usually get to do because they are at school.
You get to play at the mall play area after preschool some days when the weather is yucky.
You get to play at the playground after preschool some days when the weather is nice.
You sometimes get to pick out a toy when you go shopping with mommy.  Which then makes Keira and Nick jealous.
You get to watch new or rented movies first.
You are the prime subject most days when mom has out her camera.

Sometimes big sister and big brother get to do things you aren't old enough to do yet.
Like sleepovers at the church.
Or going to the skating rink.
Or just about any other function that the children have at/through the church because it is usually for kindergarteners and up.
You are the prime subject most days when mom has out her camera.  :)

I keep trying to point out the pros.  But of course, he's more aware the cons right now.  Especially since he felt left out a few times recently.  I keep telling him his time will come.  

But I completely understand how he feels.  Always being told you are "too young" to participate in stuff really stinks.


I just hope he stops being in such a hurry to grow up.  He is my baby, after all.


kbreints said...

Thank you for stopping by my photo blog today!

You have beautiful kids!

My oldest is always looking to be bigger too, but my youngest is the first kid in history that actually does not want to get bigger. He had his birthday in Jan and still will not own up to the hew age. In his own words, '4 makes him angry'

Funny kid :)

Laura said...

There are pros and cons to each place in the family. Like being the second... Pro- always had someone else around. Con- always had someone else around hahaha.