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Monday, February 28, 2011

Me, Me, Me - SOOC

The theme for Shoot & Edit this week is self portraits or couples.  Since I've been sick, I wasn't going to participate this week.  But I am feeling better today and actually took a shower and even fixed my hair and put on some makeup, so I figured what the heck.

I played around with my new Nikon D3100 and my 18-55mm lens, but wasn't able to use my remote with it (bummer!).  I did take a few with the self-timer, with Alex's help on the focus.  But I didn't like the way they turned out.  Mostly because of the crappy lighting.

So I moved our recliner chair over so it was in front of our big picture window and draped a white sheet over in order to get as much light as possible on this gloomy, rainy day.  (I probably should have ironed the sheet first, but oh well.)  :)  I switched to my Nikon D40 and snapped a bunch of photos using the remote.  

Here are a couple of my results ...

I included the histogram for those of you who know how to read them.  I'm still learning, so I'm not sure what this means.  :)  Although the photo looks a bit underexposed to me.
Self SOOC histogram

The fun thing about having 2 cameras is I can photograph myself with one while holding the other.  This is my comfort zone.  Behind the camera.
Self2 SOOC
The exposure looks a little better on this one.
Self2 SOOC histogram

Like many others, I feel uncomfortable taking photos of myself.  I usually end up with some goofy, fake smile.  Or my head cocked at some awkward angle.  I'm not going to post those.  :)

Head over to Jill's for some other great SOOC shots.
See you back here on Thursday with my edits.  Have a fabulous week everyone!


Jill Samter Photography said...

you did a great job with your second one :-D!!!

Mrs Missy said...

Very good! I pray you feel better soon!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Cute idea!

Tara said...

You did great! It does feel slightly weird, doesn't it?

Ashley Sisk said...

Great job - I especially like the 2nd shot.

Michelle said...

Great idea about hanging the white sheet. You look great in both, but the second is my favorite because of the lighting.

What fun to have two cameras to play with!

Michelle said...

These are both cute!! Love that you included your comfort shot!!

And I'm never thinking about ironing my backdrops. But I'm usually using blankets, too!

Susan said...

Great job! I really like the second one, and how you're peeking out from behind the camera.

Mommy2Four said...

Love the second shot! That's my comfort zone too!

Lynda said...

I love the shot of you with your 2nd camera!

The Clip Cafe said...

Great shots! And thanks so much for your advice I am going to do that and also for your willingness to help me!! Much appreciated :-)

jillconyers said...

Great self portrait and I know what you mean about crappy lighting and trying to get as much light as possible on a gloomy rainy day. That's what photoshop is for :)

Love the shot with the camera.