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Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoot & Edit: Love/Romance Edited

After a fun day of ripping up carpeting, pulling staples from the floor, moving furniture and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning yesterday, I realized I hadn't done my edit this week.  So I took a much-needed break and played around a lot last night with my edits.  Just trying new things.  Playing around with textures.  Watching the fabulous tutorials Ashley had on her blog for our lesson this week.  Then it got too late and I wasn't done playing :), so I decided to wait and post this today.

You may remember my SOOC shot ...

Dark, gray, dingy.  Just like the weather the day I took this photo.  :)  Not much natural lighting to work with.

Edit 1:
Basically just the normal correction in Adobe Camera Raw, then some additional correction on brightness/contrast.  And a little cropping.

Edit 2:
Edit 2 went a step further by running Pioneer Woman's B&W Beauty.  But I didn't like it in black and white, so I turned off that layer and this was what was left.  A much softer version of edit #2.

Here are all 3 side by side:
SOOC                                          Edit 1                                              Edit 2
DSC_0011SOOCweb   Week-6-Edit1WEB   Week-6-Edit3WEB

I also tried to line the photo up based on the rule of thirds, but I had a hard time with that with this particular photo.  I could do it if I sacrificed cropping out the card.  But I couldn't do that since it was part of the whole theme.  I do, typically, make an effort to follow the rule of thirds when I'm photographing though.  It really is more pleasing to the eyes.

Head on over to Ashley's to see more Love/Romance edits.  

Next week's theme is PINK, so play along, won't you?  Have a great weekend!


Ashley Sisk said...

Really nice job - you've had a busy week. I love your softer edit!

SouthernSass said...

Great editing - I love the softer edit and sometimes the rule of thirds just has to be ignored. :)

Jill - FNA Photography said...

beautifully done!! :-)

Katie said...

This is a really pretty shot - I like the composition and I think the 1st edit is my fav with those bold colors!

Michelle said...

I can't believe you did that from your SOOC photo. It makes me wonder if some of my shots are salvageable...lol. Love the colors in the first edit...very nice!!!